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Discover A Real Mail Order Bride For You!

Now it is easy to find the most beautiful mail order brides from Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and Latin America. Start your search here!
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Mail order brides are the perfect decision for those who seek real love. Every man wants to find his better half, and when it's impossible to do in his native country, one can turn to online dating for the international search.

Is mail order dating a good idea?

Well, if you want to:

  • Talk to beautiful women: There are plenty of active women on mail order bride sites who wish to socialize. These ladies reside in different parts of the world, so you'll have a lot of fun talking to them.
  • Date gorgeous ladies: Real life dating is possible, even though the distance between you and your significant other can be vast. Mail order bride services can even assist you in this aspect, so meeting your future wife is totally possible.
  • Marry your perfect girl: The ultimate goal of mail order bride platforms is to bring two people together and help them create a new life together. If you're interested in finding a wife, this service is definitely for you.

How can you find a mail order bride?

  1. Choose a reputable and decent mail order bride site.
  2. Register and create your personal profile.
  3. Chat with the ladies you find interesting and appealing.
  4. Pick the one you like most and organize a real date.
  5. If all goes well, make her your bride!

How much does a mail order bride cost?

The sum you may spend on getting a wife can vary immensely. The main factors that affect the mail order bride cost are:

  • Translation services: $6-10 per 1 minute of talking.
  • Regular site subscription: $10-20 (Platinum subscription: up to $50).
  • Gift/flowers delivery: $15.
  • The catalog of mail order brides: $120.
  • Country visit: ~$3000.

Generally speaking, the whole online dating process up to the proposal will cost around $20, 000. The numbers seem big, but you'd have spent even more on offline dating.

Is it possible to find a legit mail order bride?

Yes, of course! The online dating industry doesn't break any law by assisting men in finding women from overseas. By the way, a legitimate mail order bride isn't sold because no one can sell or purchase a person. When you read information about buying a potential wife, it implies prices connected with online dating, traveling, real meetings, and other expenses.

A reputable mail order bride service will help you meet a woman of a preferred nationality. Thousands of Slavic, Asian, Latin, and European girls seek potential partners online. Dating platforms verify users and implement effective safety measures to protect members. Moreover, money is transferred via credible payment systems. So, be sure that the search for real mail order brides on fee-based sites is a secure process.

beautiful mail order bride

Where to look for the brides?

There are some the most popular mail order brides countries and generally men search for foreign wives in the following regions:

Slavic brides

Tender Slavic beauty mixed with the mysterious soul is truly impressive. One can only dream of a wife who will be great at housekeeping and perform wonderfully as a romantic partner. That’s what Russian and Ukrainian brides are made for!

Asian brides

There are probably no women in the world who would be as feminine and pretty as Asian mail order brides. These petite ladies know how to steal men’s hearts. They are not only attractive but smart and ambitious too. With an Asian wife, you can become truly happy in marriage!

Latin brides

Seductive and hot-tempered are the two key attributes of Latino beauties. Latin mail order brides impress with their great joy, love for life, fiery passion, and their perfect bodies. However, by dating and marrying a Latin girl, you get the ideal life partner, but not just a lover.

mail order bride

Is finding a bride online real?

You can meet your love anywhere! You never know what life is preparing for you, so give yourself more chances to experience wonderful things!

Still a little critical? What about the statistics then? The research held in the field of online bride searching showed that every second man visiting the dating sites finds his perfect woman! Inspiring, isn't it? This number just proves that there must be someone special for you there, so dare to try and log in!

Another argument for finding a wife among the foreign ladies is that, again, according to the statistics, 40,000 international couples are formed every year. They are people who were not scared to look for their other half somewhere else to let their fantasies fly further than their hometown.

One more reason to try and find girls for marriage online: 20,000 marriages happen every year thanks to the Mail Order Bride service! It's an astonishing phenomenon which, nevertheless, exists for years and makes people happy together.

foreign bride with husband

How does it work for you?

If you are looking for a cross-cultural marriage through the Internet, you have to understand how these websites work. They all have their rules, and ours is no exception. To make your time spent there pleasant and productive, follow these simple tips:

  • Decide. It's much more simple to get rid of your loneliness if you know exactly who you want by your side in the future. Is it a tiny and shy Asian lady? Or maybe you’re more into the charming and hospitable Eastern European woman? We're ready to offer you many profiles, but the most effective communication happens when you have a genuine interest in a partner.
  • Examine. Before getting into an international marriage, it's good to learn about different cultures and countries. You want a woman who will face your demands, but do you meet hers? Don't be lazy to see what these women want and need. It's a good background that guarantees a nice conversation and gets the girl interested.
  • Impress. No matter who is behind the screen, try to maintain for yourself the image of a pleasant man. You also don't want your chosen one to be mean, or deceiving, or rude, do you? Start with yourself then! Don't be afraid to express your care and create the best impression you can!
  • Be regular. It's so offensive when you get ghosted, don’t you agree? Then don't make your beloved wait near their phone or computer, updating the page and waiting for your message! If you've started a conversation, don't suddenly give up on it and expect that the girl will be waiting for you. If you're not interested, dare to say that.
  • Trust. This is something that is required by both the website that helps you get a foreign bride as well as the girl you are talking to. If you doubt that the site can help you, why waste your time here? On the contrary, if you do believe that it is possible to find your love online, that automatically gives you extra confidence and cheers you up while looking for the one.

The service offered

First of all, the websites proposing mail order brides create an opportunity for communication. You can write messages to anybody you like or want to know better. It's a regular way of communicating through the Internet.

Have you ever wanted to see the person you chat with? Yes, there are pictures, but the manners, gestures, voice, and behavior are just as important! Look in her eyes, see how she moves and reacts — It’s almost like real life. You can do that with the help of video-calls.

Showing your affection is cool. You can show your lady that you value her by sending her flowers or gifts in real life. Such a lovely surprise will look good to anybody and increase your chances for the happy ending to your online love story!

One of the most important stages of a developing online romance is, of course, a real meeting. Imagine how many small things can be discovered when you finally see each other after texting for so long! The emotions will be completely different! The first meeting defines whether you want the second one or if you would rather go looking for someone else.

Yes, not all romantic stories which start on the good wave end up with a wedding. But who said that it should? You have to listen to your heart and choose what you really want. If someone isn't what you desire, feel free to start once again and take another shot.

Your privacy — our priority!

We care about our users’ privacy being kept safe. All the information you give us during the registration and later while using the site is a complete secret. We require some personal data at the point of setting up the profile to make sure that the person trying to use our service is real.

Moreover, we aim at raising the safety standards for each man and woman registered, trying to exclude all of the possible risks and suspicious elements. Therefore, every profile on the site is carefully checked to predict any kind of deceit.

Nevertheless, it's also your responsibility to be careful and smart. Sometimes feelings overflow, but it's not a reason to lose your head. Pay attention to what you may be asked to do and be wary of any strange requests made.

We want to emphasize that our service is not free, and this is another instrument for sorting out the people with serious intentions. Those who are ready to pay for the help provided usually are considering the true goal of finding a bride.

Mail Order Bride — a real thing!

In brief, we arrange everything for an international marriage to happen. Our website supplies you with any information required for a start. Here you can find:

  • Guide around the site what to do and how to use it;
  • Unique information on different mail order brides' nationalities;
  • Some facts about Slavic, Asian, and Latin brides that could make you fall in love with them immediately;
  • Explanation on who the mail order brides are and why they decided to become ones;
  • Secrets of heading to «happily ever after».

Take a shot at finding your happy marriage right now - search for your mail order bride!

Why do men want to find a foreign bride?

Ladies may have various personal reasons for setting their profile on marriage websites, but usually, the majority of them have something in common.

You may know that the general situation in Russia and Ukraine is not as satisfying as we wish it were. The life conditions leave much to be desired, so no wonder girls want to break out of that mess.

The local mentality is also special. In many families, it is still common to humiliate and abuse women for just being weaker, and the modern wave of feminism doesn't change the situation a lot. Work and obey — that's all girls do, so they take dating sites as a chance to start a new life elsewhere safer and saner.

The situation in Asian countries is not too different. There is has been taught in centuries that woman is allowed to do almost nothing. Of course, with the track of time, this idea has lost its power a little bit, but the unexplainable prejudice is still alive. Asian brides now tend to run away just because they want to live, and not watch somebody living.

So, the basic reason for women to marry a foreign man is to give a fresh start to their life with new rules, new impressions, and a new worldview. You are free to join in and make a someone's dream come true.

What unites all mail order brides - motivation!

When you see that you lack something in your life, something that cannot be fulfilled with simple pleasures, you start thinking about family life. You want someone to care for you or dedicate your feelings to. It is your mail order bride!

It is a regular girl who wants to have a partner from abroad, just as you do. Usually, these girls don't have other options but have to do it due to different uneasy circumstances of their life. Yet, it doesn't mean that they are greedy or dishonest! A dream of a better future includes not only wealth, but a strong man's shoulder, respectable relations, good opportunities for personal development, and mutual respect.

So, the basic reason for women to marry a foreign man is to get a fresh start to their lives with new rules, new impressions, and a new worldview. Feel like a wizard, making someone's dreams come true!

woman for marriage

Myths about mail order brides

There is quite a bit of stigma attached to mail order brides, and this could be attributed entirely to misinformation. While mail-order brides sounds like an extremely foreign concept, variations of the same process take place all over the world, in the form of ‘arranged marriages.’ Arranged marriages are still prevalent in several Eastern nations, and they both involve the union of two consenting adults who have to meet each other’s expectations and come to trust each other unconditionally. Going further, we’ll debunk a few myths that most people seem to believe:

Mail-order brides are there for money

If these women wanted money, couldn’t they just marry rich in their own country? They certainly have the looks and intelligence for it. These false connotations are perpetuated by people who see our happily married couples and become plain jealous or simply don’t understand that love doesn’t have borders.

mail-order wife

They will scam you

Again, another false rumor. Naturally, one has to stay cautious of scams, but when you pay a premium for a website, you will take the safer path to prevent the other users from being taken advantage of. In any case, the users (both men and women) are thoroughly checked to use mail order services with the purest intentions.

They will not ‘truly’ love you

With the right amount of care and attention, any lass is bound to be attracted to you, and eventually even fall for you. It’s not like these ladies are so different from the ones in your own city. They simply look different and speak a different language. Like the women you see every day, they have their own dreams, ambitions, hopes and goals. So, they will fall in love when the right man comes along. All in all, the lady of your dreams finds her perfect husband in you.

How to buy a bride online?

With the best dating platforms, finding a potential spouse is easier than ever. But what should you do to get a beautiful mail order girlfriend? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on a dating platform. Signing up is a quick process, and you'll spend only a few seconds filling the form.
  2. Create an attractive profile. Answer different questions so that foreign mail order brides see your personality. Share information about your main characteristics, including physical qualities and traits.
  3. Use search filters. If you've identified the features you want your future partner to have, apply the necessary parameters. A dating website will create a list of the best mail order brides meeting your requirements.
  4. View women's profiles. Of course, you can fall in love with a real mail order bride only by looking at her photo. But it's necessary to study the details she provided to figure out what kind of person she is.
  5. Communicate with girls. Get acquainted, ask questions, give compliments, and flirt with ladies to attract them and get to know each other better.
  6. Take advantage of communication features. How to buy a bride online? No doubt that you can't purchase a woman, but it's possible to win her heart by using different tools on a dating platform. They include chat rooms, video calls, stickers, online gifts, etc.

How to Meet Your Mail Order Girlfriend in Real Life

Before you organize that meeting, you have to clarify a couple of moments. You will have to stay in touch with your date to make mutual decisions. It is important for the lady to participate as well because the more you decide together, the better your trip is going to be.

Site or self?

The first thing to clear up is what services you are going to use for your trip. You can always order the service from the dating site you were using, or you can try to do everything yourself. Both of these options have positive traits. If you use the site, the only thing you will have to do is pay in time. You will avoid all the concerns and simply get your tickets and a booked hotel room.

If you try to organize a trip with no help, you can come out with a cheaper option and maybe make your meeting plan more diverse.

meet your bride in real life

Study the place

Before going to the chosen country, try to find out more about it and its culture. You can go to your bride's motherland or meet on some neutral territory. Anyway, it is always nice to know things in advance and understand what to expect from the place you are going to. You can correct your plans according to the specificity of the country and make your trip really unforgettable!

Prepare the documents

Make sure that you have a valid passport and an appropriate visa (if needed). Take care of your lady's documents too, unless she is doing it herself. Even a small not matching detail can spoil your trip, and it would be a pity to know that somewhere at the airport. You can find the list of all the necessary documents on the Internet. Make sure to find the latest articles, because the requirements may change from year to year.

Discuss the financial issue

Try to sort out all the questions connected with money in advance. Talk it through with your lady not to have any unpleasant surprises later. Does she pay for herself? Do you give her an opportunity to travel for free? Will she simply add some money to the general sum?

Although the topic is delicate, it is necessary to talk it through. Otherwise you can discover a scam, or there is an option that a simple misunderstanding can ruin your relationship.

Plan your spare time

To gift your significant other with unforgettable experience, try to plan your trip in details. Think about the things you are going to do there; maybe there are some exact places you want to see?

If it is a country both of you have never been to, plan an extra trip inside of it. A short ride to a beautiful lake or park, or maybe a tour around the local places of interest.

In case you are coming to your bride's native country, plan how you will impress her relatives. It is an important step in your relations, so you will have to show the best of you.

Think about safety

As in any other trip, it is important to think about your well-doing. Thus, in this case, you will be responsible not only for yourself but for the lady too, you have to be twice as vigilant. Make sure that the place you are going to live in is popular and has a good reputation. Be attentive at every stage of your trip to avoid fraudsters.

Tell your friends, family or close people where you are going beforehand. Therefore if something happens to you, they can help you.

Use common sense while planning the vacation, don't be too risky and you will have the best trip ever!


What is the average age of a mail order bride?

International dating platforms are used by women of different ages. While most of them are 20-30, you can still meet a girl who is 18 or 40. Notice that the average age gap between a man and his mail order bride is up to 7 years. Of course, it doesn't mean that all couples are the same. For instance, you may get acquainted with a young lady striving to have a foreign boyfriend or a woman with a successful career. In fact, this aspect isn't as important as it seems because who cares when there's harmony and understanding in a relationship?

Are mail order brides legal?

No law forbids you to have a foreign partner, so you can relax and look for a girlfriend from overseas. Of course, if your relationship gets serious, you'll have to research local requirements as in each country this question is strictly regulated. In case you live in America and decide to marry a female from abroad, you'll have to help her get a K-1 visa. This visa type allows mail order brides to go to the USA to become a wife of an American man. You'll have to organize a wedding within 90 days after her arrival.

What is the purpose of a mail order bride?

The main purpose of a mail order bride is to find a foreign boyfriend and build a long-lasting relationship. She strives to marry a reliable man who will become her life companion. Every woman has her reasons for seeking a potential husband overseas. Some of them are dreamers who want to have a love story like in a fairy tale, while others are eager to escape severe conditions in their native countries. Anyhow, they all want to create a healthy family and be happy with their sweethearts.

How much does it cost to mail order a bride?

A mail order bride cost varies depending on such factors as a dating period, country of your search, traveling expenses and number of such visits, and much more. Here are the approximate calculations:

  • Online dating. Men spend around $150 per month on an international platform.
  • Traveling. The price of a 14-day trip is somewhere between $2.000-$2,500 or so.
  • Fiancee visa. Application and processing fees make $800 in total.
  • Wedding. On average, couples pay $10.000-$15.000, but this sum depends on services, number of guests, place of celebration, and much more.

The final sum will be $13.000-$17.000. However, the cost may be either smaller or higher.

How does a mail order bride work?

Everything is easy as one-to-three. A mail order bride registers on an international dating site and gets acquainted with foreign men. When you meet a wonderful woman, you'll communicate with her for a while. Once you feel the connection and want to strengthen your relationship, it's time to visit her in her native country. You can organize a trip on your own or ask a dating service representative to help you. If you pick the second variant, a manager will take care of everything, from flight to accommodation. Chances are you'll understand that you and your girlfriend are meant to be together, so don't wait with a proposal!

What country has the best mail order brides?

Traditionally, you can find a mail order bride from any country online. Of course, all women have different backgrounds and views on relationships. Therefore, check out the following countries as they're considered the best for seeking a potential partner:

  • The Philippines. Local females are incredibly beautiful, friendly, and supportive. With such a lady, every man will be happy.
  • Ukraine. Girls from this country combine all the best features, including stunning appearance, kindness, and intelligence. If you want to have a smart, attractive wife, Ukrainian ladies are the right choice for you.
  • Colombia. These women are expressive, passionate, and warm-hearted. You'll never get bored with a spouse from this region.

Are mail order brides free?

While mail order brides can't be bought as there's nothing in common with human trafficking, getting a foreign wife isn't free. You'll have to pay for dating online through specialized platforms. Moreover, sooner or later, you'll decide to meet your woman in person. Therefore, you'll have to cover traveling expenses and real dates. Basically, you have to be prepared to spend particular sums on seeking a girlfriend from abroad.

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