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What Is So Special About Russian Mail Order Brides?

Men across the globe discover the joy and pleasure of getting Russian mail order brides. These women have gained an amazing reputation as affectionate, open-minded, attentive, and devoted spouses. Russian brides for marriage bring positivity and harmony into your life, so you'll never regret the amount of effort you’ve had to invest in it. It's hard to find a more family-oriented and loving partner than a Russian wife even when you have several children. She isn't inclined to pay more attention to her career than to her family.

Russian mail order bride

Lots of lonely ladies become Russian mail order wives and start looking for men from abroad. It means that foreigners like you have all the chances to get acquainted with one of them to date and marry. However, you should learn a lot about your future beloved. This article will hold your hand and show everything you need to know before searching for single Russian girls for marriage.

Are Russian mail order brides real?

Yes, Russian mail order wives are genuine lonely girls seeking men overseas for serious dating and marriage. It's impossible to vouch for every woman you may meet on a dating site, but if you join a reputable website with good feedbacks and active users, the chance to face bots or Russian brides scams is low. Additionally, every bride must enter only actual information and verify her identity. Some sites ask for ID, others require clicking the verification link sent on girls' emails.

If you're not sure about your beloved, you may ask a lady to use a video chat or send you her photo. It's an easy way to check and make sure that a Russian woman you chat with is a genuine mail order bride. All Russian ladies for marriage with serious plans for the future accept your ideas and contact you in multiple ways. To have no doubts regarding it, choose only top-rated dating websites with free joining and detailed ladies' profiles.

Can you really order a Russian mail order bride?

You can't buy Russian girls for marriage on international dating sites, as any dating services don't sell women. Top-rated sites only offer a base of girls' accounts and an opportunity to chat with them. Effective services and client support assist you in finding and interacting with mail order Russian brides. Usually, they require prime participation or credits which you may purchase.

Different prime dating functions simplify communication and make your dating fascinating. It's a part of a Russian mail order bride cost which foreigners typically pay. Nevertheless, you can't buy a girl's love, respect, and attention, but you may invest in perks helping to deserve it.

Single Russian bride

What traits stand out Russian brides of other women?

Besides mysterious Russian soul, that has already become a catchphrase, there are a lot of common thoughts about Russian female order brides wide-spread around the globe. Let's try to debunk some of them.

Adventurous. Russian females are funny, creative and don't like to be stuck in one place. Usually, they are quite active and agree on different adventures easily. The will to know and try something new is winning, so try to catch up to that! You will never be bored with a girl like that. It is a good kind of curiosity that moves her forward, and, believe us, that is a great trait for spending your time together. Imagine you in 20 years, when both of you will change (and so will the circumstances in your life), and she still will be interesting and diverse in her interests! That makes a great spouse.

Hospital. It is absolutely that Russian women make the best housewives and can run the house perfectly. It is also in their traditions to be very welcome and open-hearted, so be sure that your Russian spouse will do her best to please your guests and family. The rumors are real so that it will be another attractive trait of hers. Although it is not the most important while choosing your partner, still the ability to make good housekeeping is a nice bonus, which definitely won't disappoint you.

Responsible. As far as she comes from a country where she probably had to do a lot by herself, a Russian fiancee understands what responsibility is. She can make the decisions and take its consequences. If you marry a Russian woman, you can be sure that she is saying «yes» with all understanding. Messing around is not a thing for her, so she starts a family in a sane way. Luckily for men, Russian brides take marriage as an important step in their life, it is not some fooling around or «another cool thing to try». They consider husband as a man to stay with forever, so count on that.

Beautiful. Slavic faces are the prettiest; it has been proven many times. Russian mail order wives effortlessly take first prizes in different beauty contests and charm everybody around. But it's not only about the appearance nature gave them, but it's also about self-care. Unlike the western view of what is beautiful, eastern ladies take that seriously and always try to look their best, or at least good enough to impress their surrounding and turn men's heads. Back in their home countries they don't have this European approach like «comfortable is the new black», so forget about seeing your significant other in a tracksuit. A Russian wife will prefer a dress to a couple of trousers and at least a light make-up to the total absence of it. So, picking a wife like that, you can proudly walk her down the streets and make other men jealous, because this hot lady is yours!

Family-oriented. Although Russian mail order women don't stop on marriage only and develop themselves in the career, they are usually ready to sacrifice their job in the name of the family. Looking after children and keeping the house seems to them more valid than reaching the highest positions in business, and they are raised up with the idea of being a good and supporting wife. However, it doesn't mean that they simply turn into a «stay-at-home» and get drawn to the couch. A Russian mail order wife is independent and ambitious enough to want to work for her own aims.

Unconditionally loving. She can go through thick and thin with you if she falls for you. Really, this love can be wild and unbelievably strong. Some may viciously call it blind, but it just means that they have never been loved this way. Having such a woman by your side keeps you up and gives the inspiration. Moreover, it causes a wish to return twice as much love as she devotes to you.

Russian mail order wife

Why are there so many mail order brides in Russia?

So why don't those precious girls have crowds of lovers in their home countries? What makes Russian ladies look for their destiny online? The answer is simple.

  • The population of men in Russia is less than the number of women in the country, the current rate is 86.8 men per 100 women. That is the reason brilliant and attractive women have fewer chances of getting them a handsome and successful man to be with.
  • Another reason to search for a man online is... the chance itself. Who wouldn't like to spread their field of interest and try to know a different person? It is always good to get to know somebody who has been raised in a different society, has another worldview and probably lives in a non-familiar way? Putting your and her distinctions together you two can make a truly interesting couple, and you'll never be bored together. What's more, according to the statistics, cross-cultural marriages last longer than regular, and, as you know, Russian ladies are aimed at serious relationships.
  • One more cause for seeking a husband abroad for Russian mail order brides is freedom thirst. Of cedourse, it is not Middle Ages, and women have their rights in Eastern European countries, but, unfortunately, the social pressure and prejudice are still strong there. Family orientation, which is a great thing, can turn bad if you overdo it — and that's exactly what happens to a girl there. For instance, women are pushed to get married and have kids since they are 18 or so, and not for everybody that is acceptable. Now, when everybody has so many chances to do and try a lot of things when one can develop, work and earn, the elder generations literally force young Russian singles to start their own families, although they may not be ready for it and that age. Therefore Russian brides treat the western approach to life as a way to let them enjoy their freedom.

Myth you may face about a Russian mail order bride

Although real Russian brides tend to have a good reputation in the world, surprisingly, there still are a lot of things false, or, in other words, myths to be busted. Let's go deeper into this and talk through the things you have probably got wrong about Russian ladies.

Russian girl For marriage

They want to steal your everything. Lies. If you think that a girl who is chatting with you online is 100% fraud, just don't use the dating platforms. Yes, nobody can guarantee that every lady online is an angel, but it's not the reason to distrust. The economic situation in eastern European countries is surely worth than in America or Canada, but, believe us, local women don't treat you as a bank. If you are asked to send money online — it must be a fraud, because our platform offers certain pay services, which are honest and safe. Try to keep your communication clear and learn to trust people, but be attentive.

They will marry anybody. Not true. There is a myth that Russian women are so desperate that they are ready to stick to anybody who shows an interest in them, but it is far from the truth. Like any sane lady, a Russian woman wants a decent partner, which means she wouldn't fall for anyone. She is picky in the good sense and chooses her spouse wisely, because, as it has been mentioned before, she considers creating a family a serious business and wants the best decision.

They are not smart. There is a stereotype that Russian mail order brides aren't educated because of the living conditions or something else, and that's why they search for a foreign man to guarantee them a happy life in another country. But the majority of Russian women has at least one degree, and it's often even more than one. Women get their degrees to state the independence and take the chances to achieve something. They are more purposive than you may think, and it is a great trait of character.

They are perfectly obedient. If you expected to «buy» yourself a silent and submissive little wife looking through Russian dating sites, forget about it. Both Russian and Ukrainian brides stand for their freedom and want rather be a partner than a servant. A wish to have strong men by their side doesn't mean any helplessness; it's a regular desire of each self-respective woman. Like anybody else, a Russian bride wants you, her future husband, to be reliable, and she is ready to offer her loyalty and care instead.

They are frivolous. Another myth to be busted. Just think: if she wasn't interested in a relationship, why would she try to look for a husband? It is a bad idea to connect some traits to nationality, so you never can say that Russians cheat. Anybody can cheat if they are a bad person, and bad doesn't require any particular descent. So, if you want a loyal girl — look for her and get rid of all stereotypes in your head.

Tips to attract a Russian woman for marriage

Dating period is the most romantic. Some people think it's the most important one when it comes to impressing your partner. You can make her fall in love with you. Here are a few tips to win your Russian mail order bride:

  1. Be a gentleman. Russian mail order brides are looking for men who will treat them as though they're real queens. Many guys from Eastern Europe lack this charm and don't know how to care and express love and support. Constant compliments, presents, flowers, and help will make her flourish.
  2. Show that you appreciate what she does. Every beautiful Russian woman is a hard-worker and knows how to care about her men. Prove that you see and value her efforts. Be grateful and try to pay back by giving her compliments and presents.
  3. Be sincere. Women of Russia are clever and feel when somebody lies to them. Never think that you're smarter and can play games with Russian mail order wives. Be honest in your intentions and always tell her the truth.

What are Russian women looking for in their future husbands?

There are a few reasons why those ladies search for men abroad. They do it because Russian guys lack some of those features that women strive to get so hard. If you're a man who shares the following values, you’ve got all the chances to attract beauty from this country.


Russian women who are looking for marriage want their husbands to be a family guy. If you wish to meet a lady to have fun with and aren't serious about your relationship, then it won’t work. You'll have to go looking somewhere else.

Financial stability

Russian ladies live in a developing country and struggle to have a better life. They want to find men who will support them not only emotionally, but financially too. Thus, it’s better if you have a good job and can afford things that people in Russia cannot.


All women dream about the dates, love, and complete trust towards their partner. Make her feel that way! Be spontaneous, loving, and caring. Make presents and surprises. Open up to her and tell her your secrets. She'll appreciate it and be your super loving girl in return.


It's the 21st century out there. Be a partner to your Russian lady, not her boss. Girls value when you take their opinion into account and when you treat them equally. They seek men who are responsible and reliable. At the same time, they want someone who doesn't regard themselves as someone superior in the family.

How to find a Russian bride with little effort?

How to find a Russian bride

The fastest way to find Russian ladies looking for marriage is to use international dating services. They offer an impressive selection of girls seeking overseas men online, effective search options, interaction features, and easy navigation. But if you're a newbie to online dating, discover what you should do to get acquainted with mail order Russian girls. Follow the steps below.

1. Choose a good site with Russian wives

To get numerous dating opportunities, select only legitimate Russian bride sites with a good reputation and high rates. It's recommended to check how the website looks from the inside before joining and ordering its services. Reading reviews and success stories from members can help you. Want to get only the best results and match the perfect girls? Pay attention to the number of girls and their activity, diversity of options, and user support. A dating site with a huge base of Russian females for marriage gives you endless dating opportunities.

2. Pass the registration

To find a Russian wife, men should join a virtual community on a dating website. Browse the main site's page and fill in the registration form with empty fields. Usually, dating platforms require entering your name, location, birthdate, email address, and password. Some sites offer fast joining via other media platforms that save your time and energy. Anyway, the registration step takes you up to several minutes.

3. Create a detailed account

Put some effort into introducing yourself as an "ideal partner" for Russian brides. After completing the registration, you get a profile to fill in. If you really want to find and attract your spouse online, be honest while writing about yourself. Your account must be detailed and trustworthy. Additionally, upload a high-res recent photo of yourself that reflects your current appearance. If you don't have any actual image, ask your friend to take some new photos for your profile.

4. Search for single Russian brides

With a completed account, you may start looking for Russian ladies to marry with the site's search facilities. Platforms allow filtering a huge base of foreign brides by numerous parameters, such as appearance, age, location, religion, children, and others. Decide what personal parameters are crucial for you and enter them. Also, with contemporary pairing machines, the majority of dating sites perform a huge part of the job for you. The matching accuracy depends on data you share with a site in your account.

5. Contact Russian brides online

Once you find a prospective Russian mail order wife, don't hesitate to contact her. There are different communication ways on dating platforms, such as emails, instant messages, audio calls, and video mode. Show that you're an attentive interlocutor and allow to open up. To demonstrate your admiration, select a gift delivery option. Reading the information in a lady's profile helps to find a common ground and interesting topics for discussion.

Where can I find a Russian bride?

So, if you have finally decided that you want a Russian mail order bride, you have to know where to look for her. Luckily, the job is done for you, and we present a line of famous and checked mail-order bride websites to start your relationship. Each of them has been examined and reviewed, so it is trustworthy. Check them out, see which one is the most comfortable for you and start your romantic adventure!


How much do Russian mail order brides cost?

The cost of marrying a local woman depends on many factors. Usually, such aspects include the courting period, traveling expenses, wedding, etc. The approximate prices are presented below:

  • Online dating. To enjoy all the benefits of a mail order bride site, you'll pay $120-$150 monthly.
  • 14-day visit. A journey to meet your girlfriend in person will cost $1,700-$2,000 with tickets, hotel room, real dates, and navigation about the city.
  • Fiancee visa. All the fees make around $800. However, there may be additional expenses, like the medical examination.
  • Wedding. The total sum starts at $5,000, but it all depends on your financial situation and preferences.

In general, you'll spend around $10,000-$15,000.

How loyal are Russian brides?

Local women are pretty loyal when it comes to romantic relationships. However, if they don't like something, they'll say it, and those girls don't mind it when someone hears your conversation. Females from this country are straightforward and expressive, so chances are that life with your partner will be filled with discussions. You'll have to provide good arguments to prove you're right.

Why are Russian brides so popular?

They're in high demand because of the general popularity of Slavic women. Eastern European ladies are well-known due to their stunning appearance and views on family life. They're good housewives and mothers. Females from this region know how to raise children and instill high moral values in them. Foreign men who have wives originating from the Slavic region are really happy, and that's why girls from this country are sought by guys from abroad as well.

What to avoid on a date with Russian brides?

To impress a local woman, it's necessary to avoid being rude and behave appropriately. When dating a female from this region, you should also come on time and drive her home to make sure she gets safe to her place. If you don't want to be involved in a lengthy discussion, get rid of the idea of talking about the political situation. Anyway, even the smartest arguments won't help you prove anything.