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Russian Stereotypes About Women Explained: Top 10 Facts You Wanted To Know

Latest update: Sep 16, 2022
5 min read
Russian Mail Order Brides Stereotypes

Russian women stereotypes often lead Westerners to think that Russian ladies are the most beautiful on Earth yet the most greedy and unfaithful when it comes to relationships. Is it really true or are they just like all the other women with certain peculiarities? See below whether your expectations of Russian women are real and why you shouldn’t believe in Russian girl stereotypes.

Top 10 Russian women stereotypes

This is what’s widely known about Russian girls all over the world. Some of the myths about Russian girls you shouldn’t trust if you want to start a relationship with them.

Russian women stereotypes

They’re greedy

Many foreigners believe Russian girl stereotypes that say these ladies are after the money of any Westerner they meet. Such perception is spread by those who had no luck finding a Russian wife and didn’t know how to date a Russian woman to create a long-lasting bond.

They’re uneducated

The second one of popular myths about a Russian girl is that they have a poor education and aren’t interesting as a company to talk with. This comes from the absence of understanding of the Russian educational system among Americans and their blurred perception of breeding children in Russian families.

They lie about their feelings

The third one of the Russian girl myths is concerned with the credibility of feelings that Russian mail order brides have towards their foreign boyfriends and husbands. Oftentimes, the fears of Russian women’s insincerity are based on the age discrepancy between Russian girls and their mature boyfriends. However, love conquers all, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

They avoid work at all costs

Westerners perceive Eastern European women and Russians, in particular, as those who don’t want to work but still are eager to live a good life with the assistance of a rich Western man. Such Russian stereotypes about women are spread by those who are afraid of Russian wives taking the working place of American ladies once they immigrate to the nation.

Russian girl stereotypes

They don’t speak English

Another group of stereotypes about Russian women says that they're not fluent in foreign languages except for their native one and that you’ll have an unbearable language barrier with them.

All they care about is their looks

Believe it or not, American and other Western women say that Russian girls are concerned with their appearance more than their brains for only one reason: the latter look better than the former. Self-care is neither a benefit nor a disadvantage—it’s just a habit that they developed.

They're not interested in making career

Due to the widespread Russian girl stereotypes that all of them are housewives with no ambitions, Western men believe that Eastern European females only look for a chance to sit at home and raise children. Still, Russian ladies strive to build a successful career as well.

They're into luxury

Russian girls myths say that women coming from Eastern Europe use men to get expensive gifts and make luxury purchases with their credit cards, e.g. clothes, jewelry pieces, handbags, etc. In fact, it depends on the man and their love for a Russian girl when it comes to making presents and paying for the dates.

They're very close to their families

Since Europe has more developed family values than the US in general, Russian women are thought to be more connected to their parents than women from the US. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s good or bad: communicating with the older generations never harmed anybody.

They don’t want to make friends among foreigners

Since Russians live in compact districts in American cities, they are believed to be reserved and detached when it comes to making friends and keeping ties with the Americans. However, it differs from woman to woman: only a few can live in a foreign country and not meet anyone from locals there.

Top 10 Russian girl facts

myths about Russian girls

Now, let’s see the true facts about a Russian girl, based on the experience of communicating with them and statistics found in open sources.

Russian women love comfort

Living in an apartment or a house where all things have their places is important for Russian wives. They can spend a lot of time decorating their living spaces and doing renovations.

They have a good education

In 2021, the level of literacy among Russian women was 99.74%, making it one of the highest in the world. Now, you probably don’t believe myths about Russian girls being low-intellectual.

They're sincere

Eastern European people are famous for their open hearts and speaking everything that comes to their mind, and Russian women are not an exception. Therefore, there’s no reason to expect fake feelings from them.

Some of them are individualistic and career-oriented

Nowadays, 47% of top positions in Russian companies are held by women, meaning that a lot of them put their ambitions and professional success on top of their priorities. If you’re looking for a self-made woman from Eastern Europe, you can definitely meet her among Russians.

English is widely spoken by Russian girls

This is due to the Russian program of education, where English is one of the primary subjects that is taught from the first year of school till the last year of the universities or colleges.

Russian women lead a healthy lifestyle

Eating healthily, working out regularly, and doing some skin-care rituals are popular among young Russian women. These are popular Russian girl facts as well as those about their love for doing nails, hair-dying, etc.

myths about a Russian girl

They're loyal

Russians believe in love for the whole life so women from this country prefer dating with the goal to get married and spend their life together with their Mr. Right. That’s why you may have a hard time finding a Russian girl for a one-time hookup.

They want to have many kids

Russian families used to have three kids a few decades ago, and although now this number is decreasing, many Russian single ladies dream of having a big family. They're even ready to pause their career for a couple of years to have two or three babies.

They demand respect

Russian women expect to be treated like queensб and they often can’t get it from Russian men. That is one of the reasons they choose foreigners for dating and marriage: they want to be appreciated and treated like equal partners.

They cook well

Finally, a true one among Russian women stereotypes is that they're great at cooking. Russian culture implies expressing love through providing homemade dishes to their husbands and boyfriends, so expect to eat a lot if you want to date a Russian female.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Russian girl facts are different from what people tend to think and tell about Russian wives. Now, it’s time to decide whether you want to start dating a Russian lady, and go for it if you do.

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