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Welcome to Dreamfiancee.com! Here you’ll learn how to find your destiny from a different corner of the planet: she can be Slavic (Russian or Ukrainian), Latin, or Asian. All depends on your personal preferences and luck! To make this process even more successful and well-planned, our site team has deliberately selected the list of the excellent dating platforms for you to meet your beloved one! 

My name is Ben, and I’m one of those who have been beating a bush for months in search of my international soulmate. If you think that was easy, I must admit it was a real challenge.

My path to a successful and happy relationship with an overseas bride was lined with numerous pitfalls. I had to browse dozens of dating sites and mail order bride platforms. Many had fake profiles, and the response rate left much to be desired. Most girls I started interacting with were tear-jerkers who wanted nothing except for money from me, and this experience often made me think twice if there’s a sense to continue my search.

I met a pretty girl who confessed her love for me in a week or two and started asking about valuable gifts and help. Naturally, I trusted her and was generous enough to satisfy all her requests. However, when I offered to meet in her native city, she began to provide lots of excuses and once stopped responding to my messages at all. What a disappointment it was, she left a big scar on my soul!

After that failure, I decided to take a break and started my second attempt to change the search area. Being a connoisseur of traditional family values, I focused on dating platforms where ladies are more focused on building serious relationships. What a torture it was to take the initiative and make communication vivid and interesting! Sometimes ladies are shy and brief in their expressions, so I had to look for different approaches and learn how to interest them in the first message already! Believe me, I have done lots of homework to learn the basics of efficient online interaction!

Fortunately, one of the girls I was talking to coincided with the portrait of my perfect partner almost fully. Every message received from her made me smile, and listening to her voice was as sweet as honey! It didn’t take much time to understand she’s my destiny, and now I’m grateful for that nasty but finally rewarding experience of online dating for getting my ideal match!

My success on dating platforms inspired friends and colleagues to try their luck too. Naturally, they asked for advice, and I shared my own experience and knowledge with them. Finally, I came up with the idea that my deep awareness of this sphere can be helpful, and I began to broaden my horizons in relationships and international dating.

I have read all books and completed a course of Jincy Kelly, a recognized dating coach who assists with online dating. Furthermore, lots of psychology books about relationships have become my passion. I have devoured such popular best-sellers as A Book About Love by Johan Lehrer, The Psychology of Relationships by Julia Willerton, The Mastery Of Love: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Relationship by Don Miguel Ruiz, and many others.

My interest in online dating platforms has become professional, and now I look at them from an absolutely different angle. My goal is to assist males with the right choice of the dating site, so I analyze them checking several crucial aspects:

  • Legitimacy and security.
  • Profile quality.
  • Quality of customer support.
  • Range of services.
  • Price and free features.
  • Ease-of-use and mobile compatibility.

Building on my personal experience, I must conclude that finding love online is real, and you can make your chances fly sky high if you prefer a reliable mail order bride platform for this purpose. Girls’ identities are usually verified on these sites, and they join these places to find real partners with similar life goals. Therefore, don’t lose your hope to love and be loved! I have run Dreamfiancee.com to let everyone feel as happy as I am thanks to international dating. Be confident, with our professional assistance, your effort to find a bride is destined to success!