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Everyone wants to be loved, and for love, people can do crazy things. But a good relationship won’t last long on the crazy actions only; sometimes you have to be sane and clever to make it last. Even when the emotions overflow, you have to count on the chances your chosen one might turn out to be not as nice as you imagined. Hence, there are several tips we recommend you observe during dating, both online and offline.

It is not difficult to follow these rules. After all, they can save your life and prevent serious problems. If you want your relationship to bring you only the positive emotions, try to be careful with your partner. And here is a list of things to remember while dating.

Online dating

Although the administration of the dating site cares for your safety, you can use extra protection.

Don’t share the extras

Some of the users will try to know more about you, and it’s normal. But don’t share very private thing like your phone number or home address. It is also a bad idea to tell anyone your credit card number. The site already has all the necessary info about you.

Don’t send the money

If your partner starts to tell you some sad or terrible stories and ask for money, it is very likely a scammer who should be reported. A reasonable person wouldn’t ask money from a stranger, so you better be suspicious and not support them financially.

Feel free to block

When the conversation goes way too bad, and your partner tells offensive things, sends spam or does something inappropriate, don’t be shy of blocking them or reporting to the customer support. The dating team is there to deal with such users.

Offline dating

When you finally move your relationship to real life, there are also things to be aware of. Make sure you get prepared for the meeting. Don’t forget these useful pieces of advice.

Don’t rush

Some may insist on moving off the platform too fast, but, according to many couples, it is not a very good idea. Try to know the person better via Internet first. Also, if they insist on moving from the site elsewhere, it can mean that there is a fraudster in front of you.

Choose a public place

When you go on the first date, it is better when there will be some people around. Leave meetings in person for the more intimate part of your relations. After all, you are there to see if your chosen one suits you! And this can be done in a public place, for sure.

Stay sober

You may want to spend some date in a bar, but for the first meeting, it is better to avoid alcohol. You see a person for the first time and don’t know he or she wants from you. Before you make sure that it’s someone you can trust, don’t get drunk together.

Use contraception

It may be the first, the second or the last date – it doesn’t matter, in fact. Using protection is vital when it comes to sex with someone you know from the Internet. Care about your and your partner’s health and don’t let a single date spoil your further well-being.

For further help and support

In case the situation goes bad, call 911 or the following services. They all expect your calls 24/7

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Hotline

1-800-656-HOPE www.rainn.org

Planned Parenthood

1-800-230-7526 www.plannedparenthood.org

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 www.thehotline.org

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