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European Girl Vs American Girl: Which Is An Ideal Girlfriend For You?

Latest update: May 27, 2021
3 min read
European Girl Vs American Girl

Men from numerous countries wonder what singles are more gorgeous, open-minded, seductive, and devoted in relationships. Are there any differences between singles from different nationalities? Thinking about dating one of these ladies, you may choose from the mail order bride catalog considering numerous aspects. When it's difficult to make the right choice, learn more about these two groups. They have some similarities and differences, and this article reveals some of them.

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Look of European girls vs American girls

Singles from Europe tend to have a simple and classic dressing style. They don't hesitate to look feminine and attract men's attention. Europeans like emphasizing their legs, preferring skirts and dresses. In their turn, American singles dress more modestly, with a focus on comfort. Still, they prefer a more striking and attractive outfit.

American VS European girls
European girl | Source:

European ladies are inclined to be more skinny and fit than American ones. The nutrition and diet there are healthier and more balanced than in the US. That's why lots of European girls boast a slim body with a waist and curvy shapes.

There are some similarities in the appearance of these two groups of women:

  • Curvy figures
  • Big eyes of various colours
  • Fair or olive skin tone
  • Delicate face features
  • Straight silky hair.

Women's features depend very much on location, lifestyle, and genetics. Visiting any of these two continents, men discover a huge selection of gorgeous singles. Dreaming of getting a soulmate among Eastern European wives, outlanders have a chance to settle down with a feminine and charming girl who always lights their fire. What about American brides, they mostly suit those who prefer extraordinary ladies with a striking appearance.

Character of American vs European women

American and european women
Pretty American girl | Source:


Coming to the US, men notice that both guys and girls are incredibly self-confident and success-oriented in everything they're interested in. It's noticeable in the manner they behave, look, walk, and communicate. They freely laugh, joke, and use sarcasm in interaction, while European women tend to be more reserved and less self-confident. The US singles like to attract guys' attention more than European ones. In turn, European partners are famous as more straightforward in relationships.


European ladies are often considered as more educated than Americans. Education in Europe, starting from college, is more affordable than in the United States. Some universities offer free education in the country's language. It allows women to get a high-quality education, becoming broad-minded and interesting personalities. It doesn't mean that American singles are less intelligent and well-mannered. The US girlfriends are also famous for being well-read.

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Maturity and independence

Women from European countries are raised to be independent and rely only on themselves. These girls often go to another country to study or work, so they're used to being strong. In terms of maturity, the average American lady can behave in her 30s like a teenager, being easy-going, fun-loving, and friendly. Looking for a girlfriend with a young soul, guys should take a look at these babes.


Despite infantilism, US singles are inclined to be more open-minded in spirit than European ones. Many norms, including social and religious ones, keep European women in a tough spot. They are less flexible but more predictable. American ladies' curious and unpredictable character keeps them toned. With such a partner, you never get bored, as she always finds something interesting and exciting. She adores events, meetings, and parties. Think of what kind of lady you would like to have, more reserved or easy-going, and find the best one!


The US girls tend to have a dynamic lifestyle when their daily schedule consists of numerous events. These ladies often don't have an opportunity to drink coffee in a cafe for hours with friends, as they have to do a lot of work and duties. Generally, singles from Europe have a more balanced life. Their salaries aren't so high, but it's enough to live a harmonious life in abundance. These girlfriends are calmer and always find time to gather with close people.

Difference between American and European girls
American woman | Source:

Women and dating in America vs Europe

Choosing a beloved among American girl vs European girl, men should know some important aspects. Dating in America is like a game, but traditions are simple in the majority of cities. A man sets a date, chooses a restaurant, and meets a desirable lady. Then, step by step, he moves forward until he gets her respect, trust, and love. Sometimes such a girl can seem cold and mysterious to check a guy's feelings and intentions. But in case of mutual attraction, she takes off her mask after a while. American lifestyle pushes couples to make everything fast, so you can expect intimacy after a short courtship period.

In Europe, men don't need to play love games with local partners. Being straightforward, they don't hide their feelings and needs. It's quite simple to ask such a girl for a date. Being more mature, she doesn't prefer complications in relationships. Skipping false coldness and pomposity, a European girl prefers casual places for dates like food spots, cafes, and cinemas. Such a lady is direct in communication, so you don't need to guess her mood and what wrong you did. Your dates won't be limited in time like with the US partner, as this woman has enough spare time for having fun with people she's attached to.

Still, there are some common nuances in dating with a European girl vs American girl. They're the following:

  • Women are punctual
  • They accept sex without marriage
  • Girls are open-minded to foreigners
  • They're devoted to their partners
  • Ladies don't insist on your acquaintance with parents.

Some US men are fascinated with the idea of finding a girlfriend from Europe. Do European girls like American guys? Yes, these singles find Americans more self-confident, reliable, and success-oriented than their local candidates. Basically, never mind where you come from. Being an interesting personality with high values and principles, any man can conquer the heart of a desirable lady.

European vs American women are charming and seductive in their differences in similarities. Although it's hard to generalize all of them, this article reveals some aspects for guys to bear in mind. Willing to start a long-lasting romance with one of them, don't hesitate and use a chance to meet a beloved online!

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