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Finding a partner abroad is one of the most exciting journeys to take. Numerous young and mature ladies from all over the world go online with the purpose of meeting their true love so you shouldn’t be worried about whether you can find anyone on a dating site. “Can I meet a girl on FortunAmor for real?”, you may ask. My answer is: “You do!”. Check out all I know about the FortunAmor website and see for yourself.

❤️ SiteFortunAmor.com
⭐️ Rating4.6
📊 Visits per monthOver 155k
👩‍ Girl’s Online3k+
💰 Starting Price$2.99 – first 2,000 credits
⚙️ Сustomer support24/7
  • Easy-to-navigate interface;
  • Wide pool of various women ready for dating;
  • Basic and advanced search filters are available;
  • All your matches are in one place under the respective tab;
  • Detailed women’s profiles to simplify the process of acquaintance.
  • Lengthy sign-up process;
  • Communication features are all prepaid;
  • No mobile app.

What is FortunAmor?

Interface and design
Quality of profiles

FortunAmor.com is an online dating platform that will meet all your needs regarding dating and chatting with single girls predominantly from Latin America. It has all you may need for a fun communication experience: a simple dashboard, active women who aren’t afraid to text first, and convenient chat and an email tool to exchange messages either instantly online or send them while your date is offline. The platform serves men from all over the world who are looking for Latin brides or wish to chat online with the purpose of finding a friend.

Signing up at FortunAmor

fortunamor registration
Registration form | Source: FortunAmor.com

First of all, let me tell you about the way you join the FortunAmor dating site.

Time needed: 10 minutes

I can’t say it has the easiest way to start an account there compared to other Latin mail order bride sites, but still, there are the following steps to take:

  1. Answer a few questions about your age and expectations of Fortun Amor dating.

    This is to see whether you qualify for this site.

  2. Give details of your email address and create a password.

    This is for your account setup. 

  3. Upload a main photo of yourself.

    It’s needed to make your profile look complete.

  4. Answer a few questions about a woman you’re looking for.

    From appearance details to personality features, these answers will help you to get your first matches.

  5. Confirm you agree with the terms and conditions.

    This is a necessary part of registration on any dating website today. 

  6. Verify your email address.

    By clicking the link in the email from Fortun Amor, you’ll finish your signup process and will be able to start using your profile.

FortunAmor interface & first impression 

Now, let’s take a look at the platform as the account is already registered. The FortunAmor website design has all it takes to help everyone to find a real mail order bride: the whole platform is developed in minimum colors that don’t overwhelm online dating newbies and website guests. As for the usability of the platform, it’s on quite a decent level that allows new users to enjoy the site features without bugs and worries about the safety of the information you provide to FortunAmor.com

fortunamor interface
Website interface | Source: FortunAmor.com

The first impression of the website gave me the feeling that I’m using a quality platform that has only the necessary features for online dating: a user’s profile with a dashboard to navigate the site, the search engine to find my matches and communication tools to keep in touch with people I admire. 

FortunAmor search and filters 

Now that we are getting closer to taking a look at particular Fortun Amor peculiarities, I’d like you to check out the principle of finding your match on this website.

Search and filters | Source: FortunAmor.com

Upon registration, you were asked to answer certain questions regarding your potential partner and then offered a few profiles to check out. Besides this, you can find more options for dating via the search engine on FortunAmor.com. Basic filters will give you the results based on location and age range that you choose. Advanced search filters provide you with more precision in your search. Here are the parameters that you can apply to find a woman with the best Argentinian women traits:

  • Marital status;
  • Kids;
  • Habits;
  • Level of education; 
  • Job;
  • Hobbies; 
  • Appearance details;
  • Zodiac sign, etc.

The mentioned filters can be used all at once or only a couple of them depending on what’s important to you in a potential partner. From my dating experience, I can say that this set of filters is enough to help a man find a woman that meets his expectations. 

FortunAmor communication tools 

fortunamor communication
Communication tools | Source: FortunAmor.com

Once you find a few women that fit your expectations of the woman of your dreams, you’ll want to reach out to them. It’s easy to get done with the communication tools that are available on FortunAmor.com:

  • Online chat. A simple messenger that you can use for instant communication is packed with smileys, GIFs, and virtual gifts to make your conversations lively. It also has a feature to attach files to your messages so that you can send and receive photos or videos in chat. Finally, a messenger has a few template texts that you can send in one click if you don’t know how to start a conversation with a woman of your choice. 
  • An email tool. Very much similar to an online chat, an email tool that you can find under the “Inbox” tab in your profile, exists to serve you with a method to exchange long messages if some of you aren’t online. It fits those people who prefer longer texts rather than instant messages. You can also add content to your mails to enjoy your conversations. 

FortunAmor profile overview 

If I were to take a closer look at the profiles of women registered on the FortunAmor dating site, I’d say it’s one of the top-quality platforms for dating. 

fortunamor profile
Female profile | Source: FortunAmor.com

Women’s profiles contain a lot of information that gives you ideas on how to start chatting with them. From basic information like height, weight, age, and zodiac sign to self-presentation in a free form, you can see enough facts about women that help you understand how to impress a Mexican woman and make them interested in chatting with you. 

Besides bio and short facts, you can also find a few public photos to find out even more about a mail order bride’s lifestyle and interests. To get access to the private photos of a FortunAmor user, you’ll need to upgrade your profile. 

The last thing you see on women’s profiles on FortunAmor.com is virtual gifts given by other users. Their number can give you a clue of how popular a certain woman is or what she likes to get as a present (even a virtual one). 

Under each profile you browse, there’s a list of similar profiles featuring girls from the same location, age group, and interests. It can also be a source of potential matches for you which is convenient. 

Best women’s profiles on FortunAmor

Dayana, 20
20 y.o.
Location Colombia, Medellín
Occupation Model, Dentist
Cindy, 32
32 y.o.
Location Colombia, Medellín
Occupation Spanish and Science Teacher
Katherine, 24
24 y.o.
Location Colombia, Manizales
Occupation social communicator
Kenny, 23
23 y.o.
Location Colombia, Bogotá
Occupation psychology
Lucia, 24
24 y.o.
Location Colombia, Bello
Occupation psychology student
Kesshia, 28
28 y.o.
Location Colombia, Antioquia
Occupation Fashion designer
Alejandra, 35
35 y.o.
Location Colombia, Bogotá
Occupation Business administrator
Steffy, 31
31 y.o.
Location Colombia, Medellín
Occupation Personal Trainer

Who is the FortunAmor audience?

Now that you know what FortunAmor profiles look like, you may want to know who comprises its audience. Most of the time, an ordinary female user of the FortunAmor dating site is a young girl in her twenties who is searching for a foreign boyfriend to meet and date. 

As the best mail order bride website, Fortun Amor has some of the most active female audiences in Latin America. Women on this site do not hesitate to contact men first or show their interest with likes on men’s profiles. Having met four girls on FortunAmor.com, I can conclude that women join this site for genuine reasons to meet men, not just to spend time since they’re bored. All of the girls I chatted with had a job, two of them had kids and were divorced yet none of them was frustrated with their lives or pessimistic about their perspectives to find a man. 

What are the main features of FortunAmor?

fortunamor gifts
Paid feature | Source: FortunAmor.com

The main features of the website can be divided into basic and premium ones. The basic features allow you to become a member of the website and evaluate whether you like the audience and the set of functions available to you. These features are provided for free. 

Premium features allow you to get in touch with users and stay connected with them whenever you visit the website. Below, you can see more of them in detail. 

Free features
  • Sign-up on the website and creating your profile;
  • Searching for women;
  • Viewing profiles including public photos;
  • Sending likes;
  • Opening messages from other users;
  • Adding profiles to favorites.
Paid features
  • Sending messages in chat;
  • Sending mails;
  • Adding stickers and smileys in chat;
  • Viewing private photos;
  • Using advanced search filters.

How much does FortunAmor cost?

As for the prices, according to FortunAmor reviews, they could’ve been lower as recent users report. In my opinion, they don’t differ much from those dating websites with similar functionality. Here are the exact rates:

2000 Credits (First Buy)
$ 2.99
5000 Credits
$ 19.99
25000 Credits (Begginer)
$ 44.99
75000 Credits (Standard)
$ 148.99

As you can see, the prices are presented per package of credits. This is due to the credit system used by the website to charge for its paid features. Annual fees are not implemented on Fortun Amor. 

Payment methods 

fortunamor credits
Payment methods | Source: FortunAmor.com

The FortunAmor dating site allows you to pay for its services the way which is comfortable for you. The main payment method you can use is online payment with a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover). Gift cards are not accepted as the payment method. You can also pay via the safe payment systems where you registered, e.g. PayPal.

Customer support

In case you need to solve any issue not covered in my FortunAmor review, you can contact the customer support team and solve the problem via the email address [email protected]. Online support in the chat is not available on FortunAmor.com as well as over the phone. As recent FortunAmor reviews confirm, you can get a reply on any request you have in 24 hours via email.

Average Girls Age: 22-47

FortunAmor is an online dating platform that will meet all your needs regarding dating and chatting with single girls predominantly from Latin America.

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Also, if your question concerns privacy, payment, or the way the platform functions, you can search for the answer in the terms of use, privacy policy, and payment and refund policy. Key issues are outlined there for your information and convenience.

Success stories from DreamFiancee readers


Andrea was a 26-year-old beginner school teacher when she decided to go online in search of a boyfriend. Her previous relationship failed since she had misunderstandings with her Latin partner, thus she thought dating a foreigner would be a better idea. Jeff met her on FortunAmor on the second day after he signed up for an account and loved chatting with her as they had a lot in common. 

I’m so happy I found Andrea on FortunAmor! She’s just like me in many ways so I believe we’ll be able to make a couple together.


Paul was a college teaching assistant when he met Lucia online. Since he broke up with his girlfriend earlier this year, he was not hoping to find a new girlfriend soon, yet Lucia took his attention with her looks and witty jokes. Having met her online, Paul was never bored anymore and the experience he had communicating with Lucia on FortunAmor left him satisfied. Now, they are planning to see each other for the first time in Texas for a vacation Lucia took to meet Paul offline. 

Becoming a member of FortunAmor brought me the happiness I couldn’t expect! Lucia appeared to be what I dreamed of so now I’m looking forward to seeing her on real dates.


Send your feedback and success stories to us by mail – [email protected]

User experiences on FortunAmor 

After analyzing the FortunAmor reviews on trustpilot.com and sitejabber.com I got the following results.

👍 What users like:

  • The set of basic features that allows to get acquainted with the website for free;
  • Easy-to-understand user interface that doesn’t require additional expertise in online dating;
  • A large pool of young Latin women that are open to communication and dating;
  • Reasonable prices.

👎 What users dislike:

  • The absence of online customer service;
  • The absence of a mobile app.
Conclusion from Ben

As I can say from my experience of meeting girls via the FortunAmor and experience of the readers of my blog, this platform is one of the decent options to try out if you want to widen your social circle online with single Latin women. You won’t have to worry about anybody texting you or that your own messages will be left without an answer since girls on FortunAmor are friendly and responsive.

FortunAmor Alternatives

Below, you’ll find the positives and negatives of each popular dating platform compared to FortunAmor.com based on my experience of using them.

FortunAmor VS La-Date
➕Win The prices are slightly lower. 
➖LoseMore complicated registration process. 
FortunAmor VS TheLuckyDate
➕Win More women from Latin America are available for dating.
➖LoseNo free credits to try out the services.
FortunAmor VS LatiDate
➕Win More modern platform design with better functions.
➖LoseNo women from Eastern Europe.


Are there fake profiles in FortunAmor?

No, there are no fake profiles on Fortun Amor. The customer service of the platform takes time to check the profiles of new users to make sure that they’re authentic and detailed enough to date. However, there’s no strict moderation policy on FortunAmor so you should not expect all profiles to be verified. 

What is the average age on FortunAmor?

The average age of females registered on FortunAmor is 25-34 years old. There are women of older and younger ages as well but they’re not as represented as young girls.

Is FortunAmor a legit website?

Yes, it is. FortunAmor is a legitimate online dating platform with laid-out terms of use, privacy and payment policies, and customer service ready to serve you with your requests.