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  • Pretty women from Ukraine and Russia
  • Improving security systems
  • Plenty of paid features

What is LoveSwans?

If you are familiar with the phenomenon of mail order brides, you have to know what people use dating sites for. If not, here is a short explanation: in the whole world it has become very popular to search for your love and make couples online. Thanks to the scientific progress which gave us the Internet, it is now possible and easy to everyone. So, now people don’t restrict themselves with their city or country only and look for a romantic adventure overseas. Therefore they increase the chance to find their soulmate as more possible spouses are in the game.

LoveSwans dating website review

People come at LoveSwans to find their other halves, create families and go through the life together. The majority of the users is focused on a serious, long-lasting relationship, so count on that if you want to be the member.

LoveSwans has already worked for five years for the moment and connected a lot of loving hearts. You can test your fate and give it a try as well!


As we talk about the website with paid services, things here are counted in credits. You can buy a certain amount of them and then spend on the things you want to have: translation, gift sending, etc.

For the moment, we have this range:

50 Credits ($0.39 per 1 credit)
$ 19
125 Credits ($0.35 per 1 credit)
$ 44
250 Credits ($0.27 per 1 credit)
$ 69
750 Credits ($0.19 per 1 credit)
$ 149

It may seem as big money as for the chatting — and, actually, it really is not cheap. But the thing is that it is absolutely worth it. You know what you pay for, you see the result, the whole procedure of releasing some actions are clear. The job is done honestly, and this is why it is not free.     

Then, even if you went real life dating, you would also spend money in that relationship, so there is no big difference how exactly you spend your money in the end — in some cafe or online.

The paid services also save you a lot of your time and effort, because you transfer your concerns to the experts who help you get the best outcome.


To start using LoveSwans, you need to register your account. It is free and takes a few minutes. All you need to tell is your name, age, nationality, email address, and password. There you go, you have your own profile! Of course, photos are required, because no lady will dare to talk to a no-face. You can also answer questionnaires to add more data about yourself because a full profile attracts more visitors.

As for the ladies, their appearance on the site is far more complicated. To reduce the risk of scam, they are asked to go to special local agencies where they pass an interview to get as much information as possible. Then, the documents are required, so the chance of fraud is diminished to the minimum.

However, it doesn’t excuse you from staying aware and being careful. Unfortunately, some deceitful ladies can slip through, and you have to use your common sense to recognize them and stop your communication.


The design of LoveSwans is nice and disposes of using it. It offers you a lot of high-quality profiles of Ukrainian mail order brides to look through and make your choice. You can wander through the site and understand it intuitively, everything there is made for users, and nothing is complicated.

The process of search is simple. You can set the parameters and look for a particular type of ladies. Even the little details like eye color can be selected! Or, if you get spontaneous, you can always widen your search and look for the alternatives.

design of LoveSwans.com

Switching to other pages is no big deal. If you have any questions, you can contact the support any moment. To do that you have to go to the bottom of the page and press «support». They can manage any difficulties you have and explain the things which were left misunderstood. Moreover, there you can order extra services.

All the necessary information about privacy policy is also located below the main page.


To give you an extra possibility to chat and stay in touch anytime, LoveSwans has thought hard about its design. The site can be open on any device and still be comfortable in use. Everything is in its place, so you can be sure that you find anything both on your smartphone and computer.

Besides, there is a special app for smartphones, so it is even easier to use LoveSwans. A special mobile version frees you from the fine print of the regular pages.


So, if you are certain to find your love online and have done the first step of registration, you have to go on. Everything else you will be doing will include paid services. It is another trait of the anti-scam policy because this way LoveSwans sort out people with no serious intentions or those who wanted to use other people’s data for some bad business.

You have to buy a membership, which lets you explore more information about the ladies. It also gives a possibility to start the conversation.

If you want to use instant messaging, this will cost you extra money as it is a different way of interaction.

date beautiful bride on LoveSwans

LoveSwans also offers Express Mail Forwarding, which basically means sending a letter to your chosen lady. Then, when she gets it, the translator helps her to read it and create an answer for you. This is another romantic way to express yourself and show how you feel.

A lot of mail order brides, to make their profiles more full and attractive, add videos where they tell more about themselves. To have an ability to watch those videos you also will have to pay, but it is totally worth it as you see the girl in motion, lively and sincere.

You can also send present or flowers to please your potential spouse. LoveSwans cares about the good impression you can make and is there to help you achieve it.

If you dare to meet in real life, the site also provides that service.

A special thing

There is a small trait that makes Love Swans stand out as a mail-order bride supporting website. The staff of the platform is interested in helping you to find your significant other, so they facilitate your search and do their best to raise your chances of finding the one.

Love Swans makes a weekly mailing where there are lists of women you may like. Each of those emails includes pictures and minimum info about the bride.

The range of girls given in the mailing depends on the history of your search on the website and on your preferences that you have stated during registration.

quality of profiles at LoveSwans

Is LoveSwans the best?

As one of the most reliable sites, Love Swans has been awarded with certificates by GeoTrust and Trustwave. It means that you can entrust them your personal details and they will be protected properly.

Privacy is an important issue to the administration, and they guarantee that your personal data won’t be seen by those who mustn’t have access to it.


Love Swans has shown itself as a very respectable and high-quality dating website. It is absolutely trustworthy, so you can go there with no fear if you are interested in Russian mail order brides.

The service provided is honest, smart and on a very high level.

According to the reviews of real users, Love Swans has already contributed into many marriages, so you can freely use the website and be sure that there are very high chances that you are likely to meet your love!