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30 Dos and Don'ts of Dating and Marrying Woman in China

Latest update: Apr 09, 2020
4 min read
30 Secrets of Dating Chinese Women

Each society has its own visions concerning relationships between men and women. Here we are going to look at what is advisable and not recommended to do in China.

1. Do go for dating over 30-year old Chinese women. Because of the culture they are not considered good for marrying (which is wicked) but you can prove that’s wrong.

2. Don’t disrespect your Chinese date’s parents. Otherwise, they might not agree for the marriage.

3. Do give your girlfriend time to adapt. Instead of inviting her into a hotel, take some months to show you are genuine.

4. Don’t expect to meet the same girls in China. Ladies from rural areas are more traditional, whereas in Beijing and Shanghai they are westernized.

5. Do learn Chinese language. You will show respect to your woman even if you try to express several most popular phrases in her native language.

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6. Don’t date a Chinese girl if you are greedy. Chinese expect a man to pay for everything.

7. Do encourage her climb a career ladder. Chinese ladies are hard-working so empower her and she will cherish it.

8. Don’t try to find a Chinese date on Facebook. They aren’t looking for relationships there. It’s better to visit public places that attract youth or search on dating platforms where Chinese girls register to find a partner even if he is from another country.

9. Do show her you are her “shoulder.” Chinese ladies look for stability. Their patriarchal upbringing encourages them to be homemakers behind the back of a strong man.

10. Don’t think getting a Chinese girl is a problem. It’s a fun journey where you can show off all your benefits and trump cards. !

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11. Do register on mail-order bride sites. They are very popular among Chinese and some of them have a huge number of Chinese girls to get acquainted with.

12. Don’t rush her. Tell her that you want to invite her on a date and wait for her answer. Be confident she’ll appreciate your patience and agree with your offer.

13. Do tell her where you’d like to meet her. These girls may be shy and terrified, so they want to ensure they have the first date in a public place according to the Chinese dating culture.

14. Don’t neglect telling her the precise time of a date. She’s not like a Thai girl, she will come on time.

15. Do make sure you plan everything (stability – remember?) Unpredictable situations can act against you.

Marrying Woman in China

16. Don’t mistreat Chinese food. It’s peppery, but you’ll get used to it. Even if you are not a fan of it, try to avoid nasty words about things that may be important for her.

17. Do explain to her why you are ideal for each other. She will like it.

18. Don’t even open your mouth to talk about a difference between Chinese and Japanese girls.

19. Do be a gentleman. This feature is of utmost importance across all nations no matter whether you think of dating Chinese women or any other ladies.

20. Don’t be sarcastic – a Chinese girl won’t understand your jokes.

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21. Do study Chinese culture. Read more than stereotypical blogs because your main goal is to impress her. Any articles of how to date a Chinese woman type can be a plus too.

22. Don’t ignore learning a few things about her local dating culture because things that are traditional in your country can be unacceptable in Chinese dating etiquette.

23. Do use condoms when having sex. Chinese girls might not be sex educated well.

24. Don’t ask her things about China that you can Google. It’ll only spoil her impression of you. It’s better to Google prior to the date.

25. Do be serious. Otherwise, she may cheat on you.

26. Don’t be mean to her. Chinese girls make best friends! Moreover, they’re positive and fragile, so try to keep your anger inside.

27. Do meet her parents to assure her you’re serious. Girls are raised with the concept of filial piety in mind which means worship of ancestors, so honor her parents with your visit.

28. Don’t give up if her granny doesn’t like you: they’re suspicious and want to make sure their descendants are making a good choice.

29. Do propose to her if she likes you. She will tell you straight away. By the way, Chinese girls are straightforward in everything (she can even tell you that you smell badly without even winking).

30. Don’t drag time. Chinese girls want to get married asap! And once you get married – buy a house. Or a flat. For her.

How to tell if a Chinese woman likes you

Asian women are a closed book that is difficult to judge by the cover, so knowing dating Chinese women tips will help you to get a necessary key to their hearts. One of them is a desire to have a clear understanding if a girl likes you or there’s no sense of wasting time on dating Chinese girl you’ve chosen. A Chinese woman definitely likes you if:

  • She keeps silent or responds with another question to your suggestion of a date.
  • She agrees to spend a date with you.
  • She puts effort into looking more attractive for you wearing sexier clothes or improving her makeup.
  • She takes care of you acting like a mother.
  • She’s interested to learn more about you and asks questions due to that.
  • You can spot flashes of jealousy if you have other female friends or tell about your previous relationship.
  • She invites you to get acquainted with her family.
  • She tells about her desire to have serious relationship, family, kids.

In fact, every man can easily recognize a woman who likes him even if he has no idea of dating Chinese women tips. People who attract each other draw like magnets and feel pheromones in the air no matter where they are. So don’t waste your time and make direct steps towards the girl you like!

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