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Korean Vs Chinese Vs Japanese Women: Choosing The Best Nationality

Latest update: Sep 12, 2022
3 min read
Korean girls vs Chinese girls

Asian singles belong to the most eye-catching and desirable ladies on the planet due to their exotic appearance, femininity, and positive character traits. China, Korea, and Japan are the most popular destinations for foreign love seekers. Coming there, outlanders find it difficult to distinguish women from these three countries. Would you like to learn more about the similar and different traits of these ladies? Keep reading and make the right decision on where to choose a soulmate from.

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Who is more attractive: Korean, Chinese, or Japanese Women?

If you’re to put all three nationalities and their outer features in line, it will become noticeable that the Chinese vs Japanese women comparison says in favor of the latter:

  • Japanese girls are more delicate, their skin is lighter, and their facial features are milder than of the other Asian mail order brides;
  • Chinese women have rounder faces, thicker bones, and darker skin.

While in Korean vs Chinese women is a lot different thing:

  • Korean ladies are gentle and angel-like in terms of the character;
  • Chinese girls are fun, more self-confident, and easy-going than Koreans.

Korean vs Japanese women comparison is a tough choice to make since both of those nationalities are highly intellectual, very attractive, and perfect for the relationship: the representatives of Korea and Japan put the family on top of their priorities along with personal growth. It makes them even more appealing to Westerners who are looking for exotic women for marriage who have traditional values.

Japanese girls
Japanese girl | Source:

Top Asian Dating Sites

See what top dating platforms have to offer to everyone doubting between Korean, Japanese vs Chinese women or eager to meet a mail order girlfriend online for chatting, dating, or potential marriage.

Chinese vs Japanese girls

General look

Men wonder how to tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese singles. There's some difference between Chinese and Japanese faces. What about the difference between Chinese and Japanese eyes, Japanese ones are bigger and angled downwards, while Chinese eyes tend to be angled upwards. Regarding facial features, Japanese ladies have low cheekbones, black hair, thick eyebrows, often — freckles. In turn, Chinese girls are tall and have more "European" features, narrow noses, and rounded cheekbones.

Korean vs Chinese women
Chinese woman | Source:

Women from these two countries have big similarities in skin color and type. Usually, they have the same color, still, it depends on the location. For instance, women from northern parts of Japan like Hokkaido where the cold weather is most common, tend to have paler skin, but in more sunny locations like Okinawa, girls are darker. In China, women have similar diversity. One more similarity is that they have slim figures and cute faces.

Fashion and makeup

Japanese women are concentrated on a natural look, so using makeup, they emphasize their features with the help of naturally looking tones and "no makeup" approach. In contrast, Chinese ladies tend to have a more smoky look and red lipstick. Chinese dressing style is mixed, including Japanese beauty standards, western-style elements, and south-east Asian wearing. Young girls take a lot from Japanese street fashion, but both Chinese vs Japanese women dress astonishingly.

Character and lifestyle

Chinese singles are known as intelligent and broad-minded, so this trait makes them very attractive to outlanders. They know their preferences and needs. Lots of Chinese girls gain jobs and become popular in society. Being incredibly resourceful, they are relentless workers and exemplary leaders in the workplace. They follow minimalism in many life aspects, including nutrition. Japanese ladies also have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Their diets are known across the globe as one of the healthiest ones.

Japanese vs Chinese women comparison in dating

Men dreaming of dating Asian ladies shouldn't worry about Japanese and Chinese dating differences. Knowing about typical common aspects, so you won't get in trouble. They're the next:

  • These girls are close to their families
  • Singles let men be the leaders in the relationships
  • They're polite and don't provoke quarrels
  • Women take dating seriously with the intention to marry
  • Ladies don't display feelings in public.
korean vs japanese women
Korean girl | Source:

Chinese ladies are known as family-oriented and devoted girlfriends, who respect parents' opinions, so a man should make a good first impression during the acquaintance. These women prefer older guys who're emotionally and financially stable and can provide an abundance to future kids. Japanese singles have the same values. Reputation plays a great role for both nationalities. While dating, they do all the best to represent their family with honor and dignity. For such a partner, a successful man's choice is a great step, so these singles don't date without plans to get married. In China and Japan, it's common to start a family life before the age of 26. While sex before the matrimony isn't accepted in Chinese and Japanese society, modern singles are more open-minded in this aspect.

Online dating in Japan and China has a noticeable rise in recent times, so more and more young girls prefer dating a foreigner. Japanese ladies, as well as Chinese, have high living standards, so don't get confused when a beloved pays for food, spas, and other entertainment. They don't push men to pay for dates, willing to be equally treated, but they don't mind when you pay for them.

Japanese singles are shy and indirect in communication than Chinese ons. Chinese ladies dating is straightforward and clear, as they feel free to express feelings and opinions. Both these women are a bit modest and restrained in terms of public displaying of affection. However, love and intimate signs occur even in the first dating stages.

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Japanese girls vs Korean girls


Women from Japan and Korea predominantly have short stature and a skinny body. Their shapes are curvy but delicate and cute. Looking similarly at first glance, it's possible to admit different facial nuances. Japanese girls have a bit longer and wider faces. But men appreciate Korean high cheekbones finding them incredibly attractive. Women of these two nationalities women have dark shiny hair, which in a combination with dark eyes creates a bright appearance. Still, Korean girlfriends are more fascinated with the idea of looking perfectly. Being obsessed with beauty trends, they always have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. And this standard they follow choosing a compatible partner.

Dressing style

Japanese vs Korean girls impress foreigners with an amazing look and wearing style. Japanese women prefer to dress informally to blend in with other people. By choosing simple and calm colors, they feel comfortable. To their mind, nothing has to stand out too much. Ladies tend to be conservative in choosing an outfit, covering their legs with pants. Probably, such a beloved chooses a long or knee-length dress instead of a sexy short skirt. She uses not as much cosmetics on her face as Korean women do.

Japanese woman
Japanese girl | Source:

Korean girls are more extraordinary in terms of wearing. They adore wearing matching outfits while dating. Walking through Korean streets, foreigners often notice couples are truly in sync, which works as a trendy declaration of affection. Choosing one of these singles, it's customary to wear the matching companionship rings symbolizing the commitment to the romance.

Japanese vs Korean women's character

Both Korean and Japanese girls are self-confident, dedicated, and fun-loving. Being successful in studying and self-developing, they get well-paid jobs and can provide high living conditions for themselves. They aren't money-focused enjoying every minute of life, trying new things, food, activities, and hobbies. Being well-mannered, these ladies become excellent men's companions at every event and celebration. Both nationalities are reserved when it comes to expressing emotions but not hiding feelings in private life. Also, they are focused on the aesthetics of the surrounding location, trying to make their homes cozy. What about difference, Japanese people look more reserved, even when they are on vacation. Korean women tend to be more emotional and open in public.

Korean women vs Japanese women in dating

Women from these two countries are inclined to be restrained in public, showing their true emotions and affection at home. Couples in Korea and Japan don't kiss in public places. It doesn't mean they're coldhearted and free from deep feelings. It's just a cultural norm ladies stick to. But in dating and intimate life, these two nationalities are quite tempting and passionate. They're enthusiastic lovers willing to get a man satisfied. These girls aren't used to insisting on their needs first, so foreigners should be attentive to their preferences and ask about them.

Men admit that Korean singles are more outgoing than Japanese ones. But in terms of online dating, they say girls from Japan are more open-minded and willing to date a guy from the West. Today, it has become a trend to have a romantic affair with an outlander, especially with a white boyfriend.

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Korean women vs Chinese women

Korean vs Japanese women
Chinese lady | Source:


Ladies of these nationalities have a gorgeous look and feminine facial features. Chinese girls tend to have a rounder face, but a Korean face has a more outstanding jaw and higher cheekbones. Also, Chinese eyes are frequently larger than Korean ones. Women from China appreciate their natural beauty, so they do nothing extra with their faces, but Koreans tend to use surgery and many other procedures. While a Chinese girl uses minimal makeup, a Korean one can apply more cosmetic products to hide disadvantages and emphasize bright sides. Nevertheless, women of these two nationalities look perfectly and catch guys' attention worldwide.

Dressing style of Korean vs Chinese girls

Chinese women follow modern wearing styles, combining Western and Asian tendencies. Foreigners admit that Japanese girls prefer more colorful and bright outfits. Wearing sunny colors and casual accessories, they stay attractive and good-looking on any occasion. Basically, Korean fashion is more modern, while Japanese one is focused on convenience.

Character and behavior

When people watch a Korean drama, they notice numerous characters' emotions. Although life there isn't like it's in the movies, still, Korean singles' emotions are definitely bright and real! Compared to them, Chinese women are more modest and restrained. What about losing face, it's often the worst fear of Asian girls, so they act and behave politely, keeping dignity in numerous situations and avoiding conflicts. An Asian lady considers the raising of the voice impolite, so she always controls her emotions.

Another difference is the attitude to social networks. They are popular across the globe, but in Korea, it's larger than just entertainment. Taking a Korean beloved to a fancy dinner or buying her a lavish gift, don't be surprised she posts a photo on social media platforms.

Korean girls
Korean woman | Source:

Korean girls vs Chinese girls in dating

Chinese ladies are used to meeting foreigners, so they're open-minded to men from overseas. They find Chinese-speaking Americans cultured and well-mannered. In dating, Chinese girls are independent personalities with great self-control. When they fall in love, they give all their desire to a guy with a pure heart. Do you like constant communication with a girlfriend? A Chinese lady likes being always in touch. Don't take constant questions about your mood and actions as a way to control you. It's just a part of the dating culture in China.

Korean girlfriends have the same habit. They take dating very seriously, starting from matching couples' outfits to numerous anniversaries. It's hard to find another lady who is fascinated with dating celebrations more. Koreans may celebrate an anniversary every 100 days up until 300. Next, couples celebrate their 500 and 1000 day anniversaries. Korean girls don't appreciate public displays of affection, but these events are very important for them. By choosing such a single, you get a peaceful, gentle, and warm partner, treating you like a king. Like China, Korea has a flourishing online dating industry today, so meeting interesting guys from overseas is trendy for both nationalities.

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Differences between Korean vs Chinese vs Japanese women exist but don't influence dating with foreigners dramatically. Due to the internet technologies, lots of norms are changing, so ladies' respect for culture and traditions isn't an obstacle to international dating. Learning more about characters and lifestyle, choose the most preferred country for the search. Staying active online throughout the day, one of these singles can get in touch with you and start a romantic affair. Just try and get lucky!


Who is More Attractive: Korean, Chinese, or Japanese Women?

It depends on the personal taste of a particular man since Japanese vs Korean girls and Chinese vs Japanese women are all different things to rate. Each nation has its peculiarities in terms of outer beauty: Koreans are the most obsessed with whitening their skin, so they have the lightest one of all, Chinese women have the widest faces, and Japanese women are the slimmest and most elegant.

Difference Between Korean, Chinese and Japanese Characters

In terms of character, Japanese women are the most self-conscious and responsible, Korean women are more kind and ready to help, while Chinese girls are the most lively and positive. All nationalities are polite, understanding, and respectful towards each other and foreigners.

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