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What Are Korean Dating Rules? 14 Clues About Dating In South Korea

Latest update: Oct 28, 2021
4 min read
Dating in South Korea

Are you interested in Korean dating culture and how it differs from the western one? Globalization has made a great impact on the majority of countries, but the honor of customs and traditions is still important for many Asian people. Therefore, Korean dating rules have changed in some ways too, but the local spice is still dominant. What's Korean dating etiquette like? There are 14 things you should remember about dating in South Korea.

The ways of meeting partners are traditional

The range of ways to meet a partner in South Korea is quite traditional. It can be a co-worker, family friend, groupmate, or penfriend. Single people visit bars and clubs to find potential matches or join dating platforms with Asian ladies for marriage. There's also one special way of getting acquainted in Korean dating customs called sogaeting: these are friends who help people to discover each other.

Korean Dating Rules

Splitting the bill is possible but not always

According to Korean dating rules, younger people who have a date may agree to split the bill at the first or several subsequent dates. However, if a man invites a woman to a restaurant, the chances she'll offer to do that too are smaller. Some westernized females may offer to do that on the next dates, but there's no guarantee too.

Public affection is accepted but with some limitations

If you look for Korean dating tips, be careful with PDA. There's no disapproval from others when people walk together holding each other by hand or having arms around each other in South Korea. There are many similar examples in bigger cities where people may also share some small perks in public. However, it isn't as steamy and hot as in some European and American countries.

Korean dating customs

No delays in communication after a date

If some guys stick to a 3-day rule and don't hurry to contact a girl immediately after a date in the US, Korean women will rack their brains in case they have to wait for such a long period of time. These ladies enjoy communication and appreciate when you write ‘Good morning’ or send a message immediately after a date. Never let her feel rejected with long delays!

Blind dates are a trend

Young people raised in strict patriarchal families still hesitate to approach each other individually, so they often agree to get acquainted at blind dates organized by mutual friends and parents. Naturally, not all couples manage to fall in love in this way, but they build strong husband and wife relationships based on honor and support.

Arranged marriages are still possible

Confucian values that have dominated Korean families for centuries are not that popular in modern society. However, older generations may still adhere to them and let the oldest family member or a father who's considered the head of the family choose a life partner for his children.

Korean dating tips

More anniversaries and gifts

Whether this is a marketing trend to increase sales of romantic goods or centurial tradition, Korean couple culture is associated with lots of unofficial couple days. There's a Rose Day, a Kiss Day, a Silver Day, a Hug Day, a Photo Day, and many others. Furthermore, Korean couples celebrate the 100th, the 1000th, and other popular dates of meeting each other, first kiss, date, or wedding.

No casual dating

Why may dating in South Korea for foreigners seem unusual? There are only two reasons to be in relationships: it's an utmost desire for physical intimacy and satisfaction, which is quite rare but possible or a plan to get married. There are no relationships for fun, mutual friendship, sparkling vacation, or job romances.

Early dating and marriage aren't popular

It would be not easy to find a young mail order girlfriend in Korea since women don't hurry to get married. They tend to have family-oriented relationships in their late 20s or early 30s when they achieve stability and comfort. Only then they agree to tie the knot.

South Korea for foreigners

Prepare a ring prior to a wedding

South Korean dating culture is unique since people exchange rings much earlier than they decide to marry. Korean couples give each other a ring on the 100th day as a symbol or a statement telling a person about his/her significance.

Getting couple stuff

Korean dating culture claims relationship with a man should be visible, so girls never lose an opportunity to buy the same things for themselves and their partners. These might be some accessories or pieces of clothes, but they should emphasize that people are a couple and are together at the moment.

Carrying a woman's bag isn't strange

It's not a secret that men help women to carry heavy stuff and always take sizable bags from their hands. Therefore, such a tendency has transformed into a means of expressing care about a person. Males may ask a girl to take her bag and carry it even if it's pink, sparkling, or kiddy.

Not only Korean is the language of love

Many natives of this country are fluent in English and can easily interact in this language. Furthermore, it's one of the countries that like American guys, so many single ladies put effort to learn English and attract foreigners in this way.

South Korean dating culture

Curfew is possible

If your Korean woman runs away when the clock strikes 12, she isn't a Cinderella. Probably, she lives with her parents, and they set up a curfew before midnight for her. Therefore, there are hardly any Korean relationships that can be built at night!

Dating in South Korea is definitely different from the standards accepted in western countries. Asian traditions and the way of life have made some changes to the way people see a relationship-building process. However, forewarned is forearmed, so keep these points in mind if you think about dating a woman from South Korea.

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