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8 Best Tips For Successful Dating Thai Women

Latest update: Apr 06, 2021
3 min read
Thai Dating Customs

 If you think of dating Thai women but this task seems challenging, here you'll learn not only local dating customs and possible issues but also tips developed especially for attracting these ladies.

5 types of Thai women: which one are you looking for?

Thai women

Men shouldn't use the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to women from Thailand. There are 5 types of women distinguished in the country.

  • Traditional women: these are hard-working ladies who need to earn their living and work much. They're tender, shy, and naive. Furthermore, they're not ready to give purity to the first man on the way because of dreaming about marriage, family, and kids. Thai women are usually religious personalities who make outstanding obedient wives ready to love, care, and respect their partners.
  • Liberated women: these are women who have been influenced by western trends, and they're more adventurous and fun-loving than the first type. These Asian ladies want to be independent and set goals to achieve before settling down. Usually raised in middle-class families, they are educated fluent in English. These open-minded and free-spirited ladies also have many hobbies. They're open to casual or not long-lasting relationships too.
  • Gold diggers: these are fans of nightlife who never get tired of partying. They wear stylish expensive clothes and luxurious jewelry hunting for rich men to pay for everything. These mail order brides don't mind public arrangements and often look for fancy life they can't afford without a sponsor.
  • Bar girls: these are ladies from poor families who work in bars and clubs to support their families.
  • High society girls: these are members of wealthy Thai families, so arrogance, waste of money, high level of entertainment, and visits to high-end events are characteristic of them.

Best Sites To Meet Thai woman

  1. AsianMelodies – is one of the top Asian dating websites. Thousands of beautiful Asian women are looking for their love and waiting for your messages.
  2. CuteAsianWoman – is created to help single women from Asian countries meet foreign guys. So, if you’ve always dreamed of a girlfriend from China, Japan, or Vietnam, you’ll benefit from joining this platform.
  3. TheLuckyDate – is a great source for new connections with foreign girls online.

What makes Thai girls irresistible?

Thailand dating is definitely worth the reward received. Men fall in love not only with olive caramel-shade skin, deep eyes, and miniature figures. They also adore many other benefits they get from being in romantic relationships with a Thai lady.

These women never try to take charge of male partners. They give freedom to them, so hanging out with friends will never be a problem. These are obedient and caring ladies whose exotic look and petite figures drive men mad at first glance at them. Furthermore, if you marry a Thai girl, you'll hardly ever get a refusal or sex withholding since they understand how important it's for a man. These females try to avoid conflicts and can be easily approached to get a polite response from them. Two more features that make women from Thailand outstanding are their femininity and being great caretakers. So there are lots of reasons to try Thai girl dating as you see!


Are Thai girls easy to date?

dating thai ladies

A woman from Thailand is a real treasure for a man, and it's not difficult to court her. However, dating a Thai girl differs from dating an American lady due to her cultural background and own beliefs. For example, you may notice the following:

  • She doesn't give you a kiss at a first meeting. It's just because she wants to know you better. Besides, reputation matters a lot to her and she's afraid of losing face.
  • Restrained behavior in public. When dating Thai ladies, you should remember that Asian culture criticizes the expression of feelings when someone can see them. But even if your girlfriend doesn't take you by the hand or hug you at a park or in a mall, it doesn't mean that she doesn't like you. It's all about the local social norms.
  • A Thai girlfriend strives to look her best. In some cases, you’ll have to wait for your woman because she’ll be changing her clothes until she thinks she looks gorgeous.

Of course, dating a Thai woman in America can be a little different because she's more Westernized.

In general, it's a really pleasant experience to build a relationship with a girl from Thailand. You can learn how to date a Thai woman to enjoy this period completely and avoid misunderstanding.

Are Thai girls good girlfriends?

 dating thai ladies

You'll dive in the ocean of pleasant sweetness when dating Thai ladies. They're the best girlfriends because they're:

  • Caring. Your woman will do anything to make you feel good.
  • Supportive. No matter what happens, she'll always be there to hold your hand.
  • Sincere. A Thai lady does everything with the best intentions. When she says she loves and worries about you, it's true for sure.
  • Romantic. A local girl knows how to save the sparkle in a relationship.
  • Respective. She values your opinion, time, and effort, and she'll never make you feel miserable.

How to date a Thai woman: tips and cultural peculiarities

dating a thai girl

Some men believe dating is similar in all countries. It's enough to tell compliments, give flowers and gifts, create a romantic atmosphere, and every woman will be at your feet. However, every nationality has its own peculiarities and traditions when it comes to dating, and Thai ladies aren't an exception. If you hope to have a love affair with a woman from Thailand, these tips and dating customs will be really useful.

1. Make her believe she's the only one

The history of the country says that polygamy has been a traditional thing for Thailand by 1935. Men could have several wives, and women had to admit that. But nowadays, the majority of ladies aren't ready to endure any other females in relationships. They want to have a faithful partner and can choose a fiance themselves, so it's crucial to make the right choice once and forever. If you want to date a lady from Thailand, try to avoid several contacts at the same time and convince her to be the only woman in your life (even if it isn't so).

2. Pay for her: split bills are unacceptable

Men are considered breadwinners, and it's their responsibility to support the family financially. So there's nothing surprising they should pay the bill in the restaurant too. Thai women's income can be hardly compared with the status of western males, and they'll look chivalrous in girl's eyes taking the burden of the bill.

3. Honor her religious views

95% of the state population known as Buddhism in western countries. They pay much attention to spirituality, but they don't force partners to admit it too. It would be great if a man agrees to bless the relationships in the Buddhist temple or gives gifts to it to show respect for her beliefs.

Thai lady

4. Assume being a participant of dating rituals

Every date for a Thai girl is a test for a man since she aims at understanding if he's a good partner for life. She'll consider every detail and make conclusions on their basis, so men should be careful with planning dates and their behavior during them.

5. Expect the domination of non-verbal communication

Only a small percentage of Thai girls are fluent in English and can understand what you're talking about. However, it's not the main reason why they prefer to socialize non-verbally. Many of these ladies aren't used to loud conversations and prefer to speak in a silent and calm way. Furthermore, they try to convey feelings through body language, avoid shameful behavior in public, and not participate in arguments as well.

6. Get ready to support her family

It's been known for centuries: the man who decides to date a girl from Thailand should take responsibility and support for her family as well. Many people live in poverty in this country, so they strive to get financial support and stability. But it's acceptable only if they feel affection for this person too. Most local girls aren't ready to sell themselves, so they introduce only a precious guy to a family.

One more thing to consider is Sin Sot or Dowry. This tradition dates back centuries created to ensure a girl won't marry a man of a lower class than hers. In fact, a man should give her family a sum of money (sinsod) or jewelry (tongmun) to demonstrate gratitude for raising such a good lady. This amount is often discussed, and some families have refused this tradition already. Still, it can also be presented as a wedding gift nowadays.

7. Consider sex at first date an exception rather than a rule

Traditional women who dominate rural areas of Thailand are shy and conservative. They look for one and only partners, so these ladies don't hurry to seduce and have physical contact. The majority of Thai couples agree to intimacy only if their relationship is close to marriage. Naturally, gold diggers and liberated women may have other values and be more light-hearted when it comes to sex.

Thai dating

8. Don't be surprised by a chaperone on the first date

What's really special about the Thai culture of dating is bringing a friend to the first date. It's difficult to say whether this is a fear or a necessity of support, but girls often take a so-called chaperone to do preliminary reconnaissance. Previously, it could be both female and male companions required to witness the virginity is preserved. Nowadays, these are usually girlfriends who contribute to the general date atmosphere. It's not common at the moment, but some women still follow this tradition, so don't be surprised.

Issues you can face in Thai ladies dating

It would be great if your Thai dating experience is positive and rewarding. But sometimes men should be more attentive and careful communicating with these young ladies. There are several points guys should be beware of trying to attract a girl from Thailand:

  • Admit getting not only a girl but also another family. The last one will always take the first place in her life.
  • Don't hope she'll speak English well enough at the very start of your relationships. Still, these girls are skillful and can learn it quite quickly with your help.
  • Respect her culture and traditions since they'll surely become your family ones too.
  • Get ready for endless jealousy. A desire for monogamy and a lack of confidence make them suspicious, but it's about their great love for husbands, not love for quarrels.

What to avoid while dating Thai women

dating a thai woman

Follow this Thailand girlfriend guide to have the best dating experience with a local woman:

  • Don't drink too much alcohol. Thai women are interested in dating men without bad habits, so demonstrate self-control or even avoid ordering that glass of wine.
  • Don't be ignorant. Aggressive behavior and rudeness are a strict way to nowhere in a relationship with a woman.
  • Don't make your lady choose between you and her family. It's an important Thai girlfriend advice as these bonds are everything to her, and she'll never pick a guy instead of her parents.
  • Avoid sexual topics. Thai dating culture is rather strict when it comes to intimacy, so you can push a girl away by saying something inappropriate.
  • Forget about other females. If a Thai woman notices you looking at someone else or texting another lady, she’ll turn into a jealous fury
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you’re not sure whether you can do what you said, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, your Thai girlfriend will expect appropriate actions from you.
  • Leave the idea of showing off or lying. Ladies from Thailand easily recognize it when a man tries to hide the truth or make it look better.

Dating a Thai woman is an exclusive experience hardly compared with traditional romantic relationships. It involves different cultural peculiarities being slightly different from the way people date in western countries. However, it's also one of the reasons why men should get this unmatched joy and attract any of these fragile and petite beauties.

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