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Safe Dating Guide from Relationship Experts

Latest update: Mar 30, 2020
6 min read
Safe Dating Guide

When you dare to look for your love online, you open your heart to strangers and believe that a miracle is possible. But, unfortunately, it may appear that not everybody has intentions as pure as yours, and so the scam happens.

We can't stop it and make people act honestly, but we can prevent it from happening if we know how to check things and be vigilant. So, here comes the guide on how to avoid fraud and save your money, and trust, and belief in love.

First of all, what is scam?

A scam is an unfair business pattern, usually aimed at getting one's money. Your wallet would usually be the main goal, but sometimes scammers can even make you do bad or illegal things for them, and you would realize it only after it's all over.

If we talk about fraud at the dating sites, again, the main focus would be money, so you have to know how to protect your bills and cards.

How does it happen?

The schemes of getting cash can be very sophisticated and hard, but actually, you can expose the scam pretty easy if you are attentive enough. The problem is that love is a tricky thing, and emotions can blind for some time, it's true. But you must remember some suspicious patterns which are mostly wide-spread and not fall for them.

I am in trouble!

The lady you chat to might suddenly appear to be in a terrible situation. It can include anything, starting from law problems, ending with the sudden illness of a close relative. Anyway, the story would be dramatic to ensure you that you are the only person she can rely on, and if you do nothing, she is done.

I have been robbed

Just another variation of the previous case: some villain steals lady's purse in the street, and you must help her get some cash for living. No, she can't lend money from her friends or relatives. Yes, a man overseas is the only person to help, because he likes her very much, doesn't he?

I want to come

If the girl discovers a wish to come and starts asking for money to pay her vise/tickets/etc., it is very likely a scam.

I have found the most advantageous way!

Another great excuse to ask for money is a sudden discovery of some very attractive travel offer. A lady can tell you that she has found a cheap ticket or service which can help you finally meet. This scheme, of course, excludes the idea of using the dating site's options.

I have run out of the translation credit

She can't go on talking to you because she doesn't have more money to pay for the translation services. No, you can't pay for that service yourself, just send her the money — that's what she would want.

The schemes may vary, but these are the most popular. The fraudsters can be quite creative when it comes to the reasons why they need financial help.

protect yourself from scam

The alarms

What signals are there to tell you that it must be a scammer you are talking to? Check out the list of possible signs.

  • The lady doesn't let you fix the situation but only asks for the finances.
  • She is rushing the relationship and is head over heels in love with you in a couple of days.
  • She tells extra-dramatic stories about her life, so impressive that they don't even sound realistic.
  • She doesn't answer the direct questions and tends to be very vague.

How to not get caught

There is little you can do to protect yourself from the scam, but even these small things in a couple with the clear head can prevent the crime happening. So, the experts advise to:

  • not send money to a person you haven't met before;
  • try to fix the situation for your lady and watch her reaction (if she needs a ticket — tell her you will buy this ticket, but not send her money for it);
  • use the option of a video call to see if the person behind the account is even real; scammers usually don't show their real faces;
  • compare what she says to her info from her profile;
  • tell her that you want to come: a girl who is sincerely into you will be glad, and a scammer would probably panic.

Take care

This simple guide cannot guarantee that it is a 100% anti-scam programme, but at least now you are warned and know what to do with those who are trying to trick you.

Being suspicious isn't bad, but don't get too far. Love is still there and can be found even among the crowd of fraudsters!

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