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A Relationship With Language Barrier And How To Make It Work

Latest update: Oct 28, 2022
6 min read
How to Fight Language Barriers On The Way to True Love

International couples and online daters often face a language barrier in a relationship. This issue can affect your connection with a partner even more than a cultural gap. Besides, it’s much bigger than a typical communication problem. But how to avoid misunderstandings and make your romantic path less challenging? Find out how to overcome a language barrier in a long distance relationship in this article!

How to have a relationship with a language barrier?

language barriers with a mail-order bride

If you want to look for a partner on mail order bride sites, you should be prepared for the fact that you may face a language barrier. Your attitude is one of the most critical aspects of this situation. Therefore, you need to consider the following things to succeed in dating a foreigner.

Be patient

Sometimes it may be exhausting to try to figure out what your partner says. Besides, you also make much effort to explain your thought. That’s why if you have a relationship language barrier and feel that you’re going to explode at any second, remember that your sweetheart isn’t your enemy. You love each other and have to overcome this problem together. Just accept that your conversations may take more time.

Have fun

Stay playful as laughter and smiling are what people understand worldwide. Instead of being upset because of communication difficulties, think positively and use your sense of humor. Even if you have an awkward moment, your ability to transform a disaster date into fun will help you and your woman relax a bit.

Go creative

To make a relationship with foreigner and language barrier less frustrating, try to communicate without words. Your behavior and desire to show how much you love your partner will help you forget about those issues for a while. Buy your girlfriend’s favorite flowers, take her to her favorite restaurant, or arrange a romantic date on your own. The list of ideas is endless.

Advice for a relationship when you don’t speak the same language

relationship with language barrier

No doubt that it may be tricky sometimes, but people who love each other can cope with any problem. Use the dating with language barrier tips presented below to make your relationship work:

  • Use simple sentences. If your partner understands some English phrases, it’s half the battle. You need to learn how to simplify your communication to make your conversations effective. For example, you may use shorter phrases and avoid difficult terminology.
  • Use online translation tools. Download an app on your smartphone and turn it on whenever you face difficulties. The best software will help you improve your communication.
  • Learn her culture and language. When dating someone with language barrier, you should accept challenges and try to find out more about your partner’s background. Of course, learning a foreign vocabulary may be difficult, but it'll be a great gesture. Your girl will appreciate you making such an effort while she’s learning English.
  • Use a dictionary. It’s better to check once again what a particular word means rather than face another misunderstanding. Besides, if you want to say something in your partner’s language which is new to you, do it obligatory. It doesn’t take much time to hurt another person just by making a mistake in a phrase.
  • Repeat sentences. Ask your woman to pronounce something again to remember what she says and do the same for her. It'll be easier to remember the frequently used vocabulary involved in your communication.
  • Get everything clarified. A relationship with language barrier requires patience as was mentioned earlier. If you or your girlfriend need more information on a subject, ask for an explanation. Use different words, point at things or pictures, and even do a pantomime to visualize what you’re trying to say.
  • Hold on with idioms. It’s better to avoid phrases with a hidden meaning until your partner learns English well enough. Otherwise, you’ll make your speech difficult to understand.

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How to date online with a language barrier?

language barrier in a relationship

Building a relationship with a foreigner is an exciting journey. Make it successful by learning tips for online dating and using the following recommendations:

  • Check girls’ profiles first. If you don’t want to have any misunderstandings when communicating or strive to minimize such issues, find out whether a woman speaks English. Even if her level is elementary, you’ll have more chances to have an interesting conversation.
  • Take photos. To cope with a language barrier when dating online, you can show things rather than try to describe them. For example, if you want to explain where you work or what your apartment looks like, send your girlfriend a couple of pictures.
  • Avoid abbreviations. You can confuse a lady with all these modern slang acronyms.
  • Send virtual gifts and stickers. You may express your feelings online just as in real life. Pick a romantic pic to show that you like a girl.
  • Communicate via video chat. Set eye contact and listen to each other attentively. Don’t hide your mouth or chew when having a conversation as your partner should see how you pronounce words.
  • Paraphrase sentences. If a girl doesn’t understand a sentence's meaning, try to simplify it.
  • Be curious. Show that you respect the partner’s background and culture. Ask her to teach you some words and phrases.
  • Exchange with favorite playlists in your native languages. Firstly, it’s a nice way to get to know one another better. Secondly, you both may search for a translation of a particular song. This way, you’ll learn new words and phrases.

Nothing should stop you from seeking a foreign partner. The main thing you have to remember is that it’s necessary to make effort to cope with a language barrier in a relationship. Your girlfriend can learn English, while you may take Spanish or Chinese classes, depending on her background. And the tips from this article will help you overcome critical issues and enjoy all stages of a dating period.

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