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Effective Tips For Dating A Swedish Girl

Latest update: Mar 27, 2022
3 min read
Tips For Dating A Swedish Girl

The desire to find and date a lady from Sweden is only the beginning of the journey. Swedish culture of dating might slightly differ from the one you're used to, that's why learning Swedish dating rules will be helpful.

What should you know when dating a Swedish girl? What are these ladies like? And how to behave to make her like you? Keep reading to get answers.

What are Swedish girls like in dating?

Swedish girl on a date

First, let's define what makes foreign grooms desire to seek Swedish women for dating and what makes them so special.


More than you think. If all you know about females from Sweden is that they're mainly tall blondes, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Though it's partially true, and blondes are prevailing, you can spot a lot of brunettes or redheads in Stockholm and other cities. And, naturally, they come in different heights.


Ladies in Sweden are very much independent and enjoy taking responsibility for their lives. When dating Swedish women, you should be ready for a strong character and desire to be treated equally. It doesn't mean she won't enjoy chivalry on your part—females in Sweden still love melting in men's hands. But you should never treat Swedish girls like cute "supplements" to a man.


This is one of the key differences when comparing European women vs American women. When you plan to try dating a Swedish girl, be ready that she cares about her personal space a lot. For locals in Sweden, it's important always to have some spot where they can be alone—at home or even when going out. Seeing a girl sitting alone in the café and reading something is a common thing in Sweden.

They love staying home sometimes instead of going to another loud Friday party. But it doesn't mean they don't have fun—they're actually very good at that. Swedish just know how to balance.


Guessing the meaning of a mysterious smile isn't the thing in a Swedish culture of dating. Local ladies are pretty direct about their feelings and emotions. If she doesn't like something, she won't play games with you. If she wants something, she tells about that straight away.

Tips for dating a Swedish girl

Sweden woman

How to treat Sweden women when dating? What are the top dos and don'ts? These recommendations might be helpful when you decide to find a foreign bride from Sweden:

  • Don't speed up. Just like ​​single Russian brides, Swedish girls enjoy it when dating starts slowly. Saying words of love after only a week of knowing each other is definitely a red flag for them. They enjoy getting to know each other exploring each other's personalities and interests. If you want to win the heart of a Swedish girl, don't force her while dating, just enjoy the process going naturally.
  • Make her laugh. There's almost nothing a Swedish woman likes more in a man than a good sense of humor. That's mainly because the Swedish are quite calm, and some would consider them even too serious. So making her laugh, you just add colors to her life. And that's impossible to ignore.
  • Respect her. Being quite feminist, Swedish girls want to be respected in dating as well. Ask her opinion, make sure she wants the same, don't impose your own decisions as to the only right ones.
  • Don't be over chivalrous. Yes, females in Sweden enjoy flowers for no reason and when a man pays the bill. But if she wants to share the bill with you, let her do that.
  • Point out the expectations. Swedish girls enjoy it when men are honest with them so that they can also make the right decisions. If you're not into a long-term relationship right now, it doesn't mean you should pretend you are to spend time with a Swedish woman. If you honestly tell her that, she might agree. But if you play games, you'll get nothing but an angry and disappointed girl.
  • Give her some space. Sometimes, your Swedish girlfriend might desire to stay at home and refuse to go on a date with you. And it's not about losing interest on her side, she just cares about her personal space a lot and wants to be alone from time to time.

Swedish women dating isn't a hard thing if you know certain cultural peculiarities and behave accordingly. Consider the tips given above and start dating a Swedish girl with no fear.

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